Man Drank Three Cups of Bubble Tea Daily & His Intestines Were Blocked with Large Clunks of ‘Pearls’

Like most Singaporeans, my self-professed and undying love for bubble tea has been going strong for many years.

I mean, true love is never easy, and bubble tea is life.

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That said, a 20-year-old man from Vietnam took it to the next level with his bubble tea addiction.

He decided to drink it 3 times a day to replace his meals. Hint: It didn’t turn out too well.

Him: Let’s replace all our meals with bubble tea

Brain: No

Him: Yes

I totally get where this guy is coming from.

I mean bubble tea is life right? Well, maybe not when it causes severe blockage in your intestines.

Now, before that, you might want to know more about bubble tea. Here’s a video we’ve done about them:

Now, moving on…

Man Began Experiencing Severe Stomach Pain 

According to Vietnam Net, he experienced a “dull pain” in his stomach for around 20 days. When the pain got too much for him to bear, he visited a clinic. Despite his efforts, the 5-day treatment he was given did not ease his stomach pain.

Withstanding an unidentified pain for 20 days is alarmingly long and perhaps he should’ve pressed the panic button a week in.

But he didn’t.

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Thankfully, his family decided to send him to the hospital to resolve the issue on 19 August. The doctor then diagnosed his condition as an intestinal obstruction.

In a nutshell, it just means that there is undigested food residue stuck in his intestines.

2 Large Black Clumps Surgically Removed From Intestines

Image: Vietnam Net

Surgery is always the last option, I mean, none of us desire to be cut open on a sterile table unless it’s really necessary.

Unfortunately for the man, surgery was not an option. It was the only way out.

The doctor managed to remove 2 large black clumps from his intestines, which were actually large blocks of tapioca starch.

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PSA: PLEASE chew your bubble tea pearls thoroughly, and maybe don’t replace your meals with it.

He Could Have Died

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The doctor also said that the case was very serious and that he could have DIED.


Yes, death from bubble tea. Apparently, this is possible.

The intestinal obstruction might’ve resulted in infection which can lead to organ failure and death.


How Do We Prevent This From Happening To Us

For starters, do not, I repeat, do not replace all your meals with bubble tea.

Also, be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in fibre and stay hydrated.


Although tapioca flour, the main ingredient of boba will not cause constipation, it has other additives that can result in digestive issues if you drink too much of it.

A simple rule of thumb: too much of anything is never good for you.

Peace out.


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