Man Found A Baby That’s Been Frozen For 50 Years By His Own Mother

It’s always a mystery, the things you can find in the vast freezer compartment of your fridge at home. Frozen pizza, ice pops, tons of minced meat and more, especially if your mum’s a cook.

Maybe your mom just buys too many things during her daily market run, but there are always surprises that you can uncover just by digging in the crowded freezer – including things that had already expired five years ago, or things that shouldn’t even be in there.

Sometimes, maybe you can even find things that shouldn’t even be in there AND had already expired 50 years ago…

Ice Ice Baby

You’re probably wondering what kind of bizarre story this is and if it’s simply clickbait after reading the headline, but unfortunately, nope.

It’s real.

Adam Smith, 37, from Missouri, had moved in with his mother at the beginning of the year as she had been diagnosed with lung cancer and he wanted to take care of her.

Unfortunately, she passed away from her illness on 21 July, which led to Adam wanting to clean out her house.

A Mysterious Box

When he got to the freezer, he saw a mysterious bulky box tucked away in the corner, one that he recognised as a box that had been in his mother’s freezer for as long as he could remember.

It was a box that she took to four different houses of hers in St. Louis, and was in the freezer of every single house they lived in.

Image: CNN

He never knew what was in the box, though, as his mother always insisted that no one was allowed to touch it. Adam just assumed that it was something of sentimental value to his mother, like a frozen wedding cake, that she didn’t want anyone messing with.

But since she was already gone, he decided to finally open it and uncover the mystery.

Image: Oriental Daily

Upon opening the box, he saw a pink baby blanket and reached in further to see what was under it, and felt something like little toes.

And he pulled an entire frozen baby up by its foot.


Yep, his mother had been keeping a frozen baby in their freezer for YEARS.

Totally not creepy at all.

“The baby looked clean. There was no blood on it, looked like a newborn baby. From what I could see, the skin and everything were intact,” Adam said, adding that he called the police immediately after his discovery.

Oookay… that’s some powerful freezing.

It Might’ve Been His Older Sister

Adam thinks that the frozen baby he discovered might have been his older sister, as he remembered his mother talking about losing a child at birth. A relative had also told him that his mother had actually also given birth to twins – one had died and the other given up for adoption.

He also said that he now has many theories and questions about who the frozen baby could be.

Adam remembered a time when his mother got upset over something when he was young, recounting that “all she told me was ‘my firstborn Jennifer would have been 21 years old today,’”.

He put two and two together and figured out that if the frozen baby was really Jennifer, it would have been kept in the freezer for about 50 years.

That’s crazy.


Questions Left Unanswered

“Who absolutely keeps their own child in a box for this long and never talk about it? I just have so many thoughts and it’s just insane,” Smith said, sharing how confused he was about the whole situation and whether his mother was the one who killed the baby or not.

“I have to wait for the autopsy to see if that baby ever took a breath and I can not help it to think she might have done something to it. I just can’t help it,” he added.

Sadly, Adam would never be able to get the answers or “closure” from his mother, adding that he discovered this way too late, as she was already gone.

Perhaps his mother just wanted to preserve her dead baby, like all those theories from mad scientists you see on the Internet of how freezing a dead body helps to combat ageing and decomposition.

Hopefully, Adam can find the answers to his questions on his own while his mother’s reunited with Jennifer in heaven.

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