Man Grew 10cm Leech In His Throat After Drinking Unboiled Water For Two Months

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I don’t know what’s worse.

That UK has its own version of Lianhe Zaobao that dabbles in all kinds of moot news and plebeian gossips, in the form of Mirror, or that it’s Saturday and I’m at work now because I don’t stay in Yishun and didn’t strike Toto last week.

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Eh, no lah, not this Toto.

This one please.

A pregnant woman was so annoyed at a noisy baby that she threw a pot of burning mala at the baby. At the worst part of this? She wasn’t charged. Click on the image below to read about this shocking incident:

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I digress.

And back to topic any way.

An itchy cough that turned out to be a huge pulsating leech

According to this Mirror report, a “huge pulsating leech has been removed from pensioner’s throat after he complained for more than two months about his itchy cough.”

That’s blardy horrifying given how itchy coughs are apparently a common enough thing, common enough to warrant its own specific medication.


The pensioner, “Mr Li, who is from the rural township of Daba, is believed to have ingested leech eggs through drinking uncooked water.”

A Leech Grew From Baby To Adult In His Throat

After being repeatedly misdiagnosed for two months, the “mystery behind the 60-year-old’s painful and chronic cough was finally solved when he sought out specialists at the Xingwen County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the city of Yibin, China”, according to the article.

In apparently “shocking footage”, a “10cm-long creature” can be seen pulled from Mr Li’s throat where it has been presumably eating, growing and living for the better part of two months.

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Image: AsiaWire
Image: AsiaWire

After an endoscopy was performed, the now-discovered leech was apparently drugged with an aerosol sedative as it was proving to be a “slippery” creature.

Good one, Mirror.

The leech was ultimately removed forcibly by a pair of forceps.

Dr Zhang, the hero of the day who removed the leech, advised townfolks to boil their water for their own safety.


What about Singapore Tap Water?

Despite my many misgivings about Mirror, and how I didn’t think much of this news at first, this article is timely in allowing me to bring up our very own PUB tap water.

My wife hates drinking tap water, insisting it has a taste, while my sister-in-law repeatedly tells me that it is unsafe to do so.

Yet all I do is drink tap water directly.

Image: Whitburn Whiskers

A quick trawl on the internet yields multiple articles on the quality and immediate potability of our very own processed liquid gold.

According to the PUB and in response to one of the top 5 questions people ask, which is
“Can I drink directly from the tap?”, this is what they have to say about it:

“PUB have put in place a comprehensive and robust sampling and monitoring programme to verify the water quality, from source to tap, in order to ensure that water supplied is safe for consumption. The sampling and monitoring programme is developed based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality and is being reviewed regularly.”

In other words, if our government can tell us in no uncertain terms that something is a yes kind of yes, it cannot be a no kind of yes.

Understand or not?


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