Man Happily Proposed to his Dream Girl with Funeral Flowers, Girl Happily Rejected Him

Last Updated on 2017-05-25 , 6:33 pm

Guys, no matter how long you’ve been together with your girlfriend and how sure you are of getting her as your wife, never mess up your proposal.

Because no matter how much she loves you, she’ll say no if she’s unhappy with your proposal. After all, the proposal is possibly one event she’s been imagining about almost her entire life.

And really, stop trying to be creative.

Funeral Flowers for Proposal

One man learned his lesson the hard way when he attempted to propose to the girl of his dreams with a wreath of flowers that looks more appropriate for a funeral.



Unsurprisingly, she stormed off in a huff, unable to take the humiliation of being proposed to in such a manner with so many people around.

Netizens less than impressed

Netizens were less than happy with his “lackluster” performance, with one calling him a f**king idiot and to display some originality. 

Another asked him to go dig up a dead body because who knows, he might just succeed.

Of course, as with the advent of memes, netizens couldn’t resist editing the photos because, internet.



Brings a whole new meaning to the words, corpse bride, doesn’t it?

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