Man In Hong Kong Who Fought With Protestors Set On Fire By Person In Black Shirt

Ah yes, another topic that can’t be properly talked about in a 400 to 800-word article, much less a Facebook comment.

Previously, on another HK related article, I’ve talked about the elephant story.

So here’s another story for today:

In Sri Lanka, there are stories of people going to a village to rape and kill a young girl, then leaving a Sri Lankan army hat nearby. Villagers who saw the hat would grow angry and hate the Sri Lankan army, and some would even join the Tamil Tigers.

And a quote:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – John F. Kennedy

I certainly don’t know enough about China/Hong Kong to say if a violent revolution is justified already, but some of the protestors certainly do feel that way.

Note that I say some. The protestors are a large group of people and they certainly don’t all have the same ideology, especially since they say they are “leaderless”.

It’s like the Goody Feed office. Some of us here are crazy enough to say that a burger is a snack, some of us eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Collectively, we are a dumb group of people.

So, Here’s A Man Being Lit On Fire

For obvious reasons, this is Not Safe For Life (the video is from World Of Buzz, as the original was removed).

If you don’t feel like watching a human barbeque, here’s the safer for work text version:

This seems to happen in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong. A man in green shirt could be seen bleeding from his forehead, with his blood being wiped away by another man in a grey shirt.

“F*ck your mom” and “go back” can be heard from the background.

The man in the green shirt, throughout the video, can be seen and heard arguing with some people, some of whom seem to be recording the incident. In response, he also said things like “none of you are Chinese”.

A man dressed in black then drenched the green shirt man in a liquid, before holding up a lighter and lighting him on fire.

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Blackshirts are synonymous with protestors in the current HK protests. The black shirt person cannot be found in the video later.

It is said that the flames were successfully extinguished, but the green shirt man suffered from burns and is in a critical condition.

Needless to say, setting a person on fire for any reason is just insane.

But before you form an opinion on the matter, you should know there is also another video out there.

Man In Green Shirt Chasing Protestors

This footage can be found on the r/HongKong subreddit, which is a generally pro-Hong Kong forum.

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In the video, the man in green shirt can be seen chasing away a group of more than 10 protestors.

No, you read that right. It’s a single man chasing away more than 10 people.


Even with two video footages, we can’t really understand the full story here.

The man in the green shirt, assuming he is the same person as the being lit on fire, doesn’t seem to be totally innocent. And so is the one who set the fire.

I doubt anybody from Hong Kong will be reading this, but it would be foolish to think that setting a man on fire will somehow make the case for the protestors a stronger one.

For the ones who are only watching from the sidelines like us, the only thing we can do is to understand each side’s situation by reading more widely.

(Certainly please don’t use Facebook as your only news source if you want to form an opinion for this matter.)



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