Man Lied To Wife About Going To Work & Left To Molest 8-Year-Old Neighbour At Her Home

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Imagine being sexually harassed by someone you know and trust.

The level of hurt and betrayal is unimaginable. Especially for a young kid.

Unfortunately, it happens. 

8-Year-Old Girl Molested By Neighbour 

The neighbour had a good relationship with the girl’s family. He even had the key to her family’s main gate to help with errands.

However, the 47-year old Malaysian national and Singapore permanent resident had abused the trust given by the family when he not only showed the girl pornographic material but also pulled down her clothes and molested her.

The accused and the victim cannot be named due to gag orders issued by the court.

A Good Neighbourly Relationship 

The man was living with his wife and in-laws in a house that was separated from the girl’s two-storey house by a fence.

The girl’s grandmother had given the accused’s mother-in-law the key to her main gate.

When her father was overseas for nine months, the victim would go over to her neighbours’ place for meals, accompanied by her mother.

With her mother’s permission, she often visited the man’s home alone during that period. Sometimes, she would be alone with him there.

Went To “Fix Water Heater” 

The girl’s father asked the accused to help fix the water heater in their house in September 2017.

He went over to fix the heater before going home.

The man returned to the girl’s house later after her father had left for work. He said he needed to fix the heater.

However, he went to the bedroom where the victim was and showed her an obscene photo of a child, as well as a pornographic video of a man having sex with a girl.

He then proceeded to molest the girl.

The girl pushed him out of the door and tried to shut it.


The accused eventually re-entered the bedroom and pulled down the girl’s underwear. She pulled them back up and went to tell her aunt that the accused did not fix the water heater, while he left the house.

Poor girl. 

Lied To Wife About Going to Work

The girl told the man across the fence separating their house that he could come over on 1 December 2017.

He then told his wife he was going to his workplace at Marina Bay Sands on 1 December even though he had no work scheduled that day.

His wife decided to follow him to Marina Bay Sands to run some errands. While she was shopping, he told her that he would be going to work, but he rode his motorcycle back to the girl’s house.

The Second Harassment 

The accused went into the victim’s house through the key his in-laws had given him and told the girl who was alone at home that the main door was not locked.


The girl then searched for “sex videos” on her laptop and watched pornographic videos with the man in her parents’ bedroom.

He removed the girl’s clothes and his own before molesting her, engaging in sex acts with her and showing the girl a pornographic cartoon film.

Girl Told Mother To Get The Keys Back From Neighbours 

The girl repeatedly told her mother to do get their keys to their main gate back.

She eventually told her mother what happened.

When the man was first confronted, he denied any wrongdoing and his wife pleaded with the girl’s mother to give him another chance and not report the matter to the police.


The accused only admitted to his actions when both families met and spoke that night. He went together with the girl’s mother to lodge a report.

Accused Pleaded Guilty 

The man pleaded guilty on 10 September to two charges of using criminal force on a minor intending to outrage her modesty.

There are two pending charges for showing obscene objects to the child.

Eight other charges had been withdrawn.

He will return to court for mitigation and sentencing on 12 September.


Unfortunately, people like these do exist and it’s important to safeguard our children from these predators. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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