Man Marries Rice Cooker in Indonesia; They Even Took Wedding Photos

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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Well, that proverb has just been taken to an entirely new level with this one.


Man Marries Rice Cooker in Indonesia; They Even Took Wedding Photos

Just recently, an Indonesian man announced his marriage on social media… which wouldn’t exactly have been headline-worthy news had the identity of the wife not been…

A rice cooker.

Reader: Wait, what?

Yes folks, this man wedded an actual rice cooker, and it was nothing short of a blissful sight.

Having conducted an official wedding ceremony, the man described how his bride was everything he looked for in a partner:

Fair, quiet, good at cooking and a dream.

And to make everything seem more professional (and authentic), the bride was even draped in a veil.


Also, there was, of course, the mandatory ceremonial kiss.

Though in retrospect, we can’t help but wonder whether that’s actually where the cooker’s lips are supposed to be.

The couple eventually signed their marriage certificate, and a witness was even present at their solemnisation.

All in all, everything was perfect.

You can view the affiliated Facebook post down below:

To date, the post has garnered over 9.8K shares, as well as 7.8K likes & reactions.

Meanwhile, Netizens have begun speculating about the identity of their child.

“His child is a USB cable,” one said.

Though as the saying goes: “only time will tell.”


Unhappy Ending

Unfortunately, it would appear that the fairy tale wedding has come to an abrupt end.

Just four days later, the beautiful union was destroyed when the pair decided to get a divorce.

Apparently, the man soon realised that while his partner was able to cook rice, “she” was unable to do anything else.

For instance, the bride was unable to cook other dishes.

Well, it was beautiful while it lasted.



In the end, however, it appears to have been a prank.

An Internet celebrity over in Indonesia, the “groom” has routinely done pranks for a “living”.

So at the very least, no hearts were broken in the midst of the divorce proceedings.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Khoirul Anam)