Man Met & Married Girl After Eating At Her Western Food Stall Every Week

I‘ll wager you “eating to your heart’s content” means a whole new different thing to Jayden Cheong, 31, chef extraordinaire at Wow Wow West, a popular western food store at ABC Brickworks Food Centre located at Jalan Bukit Merah.

Just ask him.

And ask him Zaobao did.

Love at First Bite

Image: Facebook (Wow Wow West Genuine)

According to an interview with Zaobao, Jayden met his wife, Elizabeth Huang, 31, while he was a weekly-regular customer at Wow Wow West.

Owned by her father, Mr Eric Ng, Elizabeth helps out at the store when she has time off from her work, even up till this day.

Back in 2012, Elizabeth had always recognized Jayden as regular customer who visited with his then-girlfriend, but hadn’t spoken much to him beyond that capacity as she was attached as well.

One day, Jayden visited the store alone and that was when things started to simmer.

Due to her naturally friendly disposition, Elizabeth realized that he had broken up while conversing with Jayden.

After giving Jayden her name-card, he soon started texting her on a regular basis.

Their relationship was quickly bought to a full boil as they were engaged after 3 months of dating and became Mr and Mrs by the 5th month.

Image: Gfycat

A pot, with boiling water.

The road less traveled

Such was the enthusiasm Elizabeth had towards hawker-ing that Jayden eventually left his full-time bank executive job in place of helping out at Wow Wow West.

Jayden reflects: “Being a hawker isn’t easy, besides the long hours, we get judgmental stares from customers too.”

With plans of expansion in the future, Elizabeth now helps to promote and market the store, utilizing her sales and marketing skills.

About Wow Wow West

Wow Wow West hasn’t exactly been a stranger to the media.

In fact, a quick Google Search will show that the store has just as extensive a coverage one could hope for when it comes to a humble hawker store.

Humility, compassion, nobility are indeed just some of the words that have been used to describe Mr Eric Ng.


An avid supporter of the Yellow Ribbon Project which seeks to give ex-offenders a second change to reintegrate into society, Mr Ng has trained and employed countless ex-offenders at his store.

In an interview with Hungrygowhere, he attributes his dedication to helping these ex-offenders to:


Mr Ng is also quick to admit that he had spend some time in a Boy’s Town when he was younger.

Now, that’s a man with a story to tell and good food to sell.

So folk, if you would like to catch Jayden and Elizabeth in action, or simply just lap up their any of their dishes that are portioned generously, just head down to:


#01-133, ABC Brickworks Food Centre,
6 Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 150006

And eat to your heart’s content.

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