Man Missed the Last Bus Home So He Stole a Motorbike Home

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If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship (Singapore-style), you’d know the feeling of missing the last bus or last train very well.

Now, for most of us, we’ll just cry and flag for a cab (or call a Grab) and pay the extra charges.

After all, that’s the right thing (short of walking) to do, right?

But not everyone thinks the same way.

Like this dude here.

Man Missed The Last Bus Home

On 23 Apr 2018, Muhammad Shazwan Ismail, Afi Anaqi Khairun Nizam and Mohamed Nur Iskhandar Roni were at Maude Road in Jalan Besar at around 11.45 pm.

Iskhandar told his friends that he had missed the last bus.

So he had this marvellous idea: let’s steal motorcycles and go home.

Yes, that’s right.

Let’s Steal Motorcycles

According to CNA, Iskhandar and Shazwan suggested stealing motorcycles to Afi. Iskhandar even had a little hack for that.

He claimed that the keys at red cabinets containing fire hosereels can be used to start Yamaha RXZ motorcycles.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

So the three musketeers went on to search for said mythical keys.

The First Few Failed, But They Preserved

The first few keys and motorcycles they found didn’t work as expected.

Now, they have two choices: give up or forge ahead. 

The trio decided to go for the latter.

And finally.


They managed to start a Yamaha RXZ motorcycle parked at Block 7 French Road.

Attack of The Swinging Helmet

The trio decided to move the bike to a more discreet location before playing around with the motorcycle.

In the midst of their debauchery, an elderly passer-by walked up to them and asked several questions. We shall call him Mr Miyagi.

What are you doing so late at night? Where do you live?

And before the elderly passerby could go on, Iskhandar swung the motorcycle helmet and clipped the old man in the left ear.

Just as the three of them were preparing to face off against Mr Miyagi, another passerby shouted at them.

So they did what any sensible person would do when faced with Mr Miyagi and another person. They ran.

Sentenced To Jail

Iskhandar pleaded guilty to four charges of stealing a motorcycle, a key, voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

He was sentenced to prison for seven months and three weeks.

His defence lawyer had argued that his client (Iskhandar) is suffering from ADHD and “has borderline intellectual functioning”.

And that explains his ‘childish’ behaviour.

The judge, however, said that Iskhandar was the ‘prime mover’ (read: mastermind) of the adventure as he had told the rest how to steal a motorcycle.

Which is why he decided to impose a sentence that’ll teach Iskhandar to “effect self-restraint and deter him from committing further offences.”

Wait, Criminal Intimidation?

Okay, you get stealing and causing harm, but criminal intimidation?

That’s from a separate case that happened in Jan 2019.

Iskhandar threw an ashtray at his brother’s face when said brother decided to start a game on PUBG without waiting for him.

When his mother scolded him, he brandished a knife at his brother. His family hid in another room and called the police on him.

This happened when he was out on bail.

Thankfully, his brother only injured his finger when he tried to block the thrown ashtray.