Man Quit Job At Amazon And Put ‘Winning Lottery’ As Reason For Leaving


The lottery. Where do I start?


The dream of many, many, many people on this planet, the lottery guarantees one singular thing:

Riches, beyond your wildest imagination.

Image: Gifer

And indeed, I, for one, once professed to travel the seven lands, hunt for the mystical dragon balls and join the Amazons as a female warrior, should I ever strike Toto. But of course, seeing how my balls aren’t dragon-like and they’re still there, you can guess my luck;

It’s not happening. Yet.

Nevertheless, I thirst for the day that I can throw my resignation papers in the air and pursue my passion of becoming a ballet dancer, like this guy…

Who struck the lottery, quit his job the very next day and listed ‘Winning Lottery’ as the reason for his departure.

Image: The National Lottery

Well, well, I’ll be damned;

What a beast.

Man Quit Job And Put ‘Winning Lottery’ As Reason For Leaving

According to The Daily Mail, an Amazon worker’s vacating his day job for one spectacular reason:

He won the top prize on the UK’S National Lottery ‘Set For Life’ Draw, which will grant him £10,000 ($12,000) every month for the next 30 years.

That’s $4.4 million in total, by the way.

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But before you start plotting to kidnap the poor dude’s dog for a ransom, here’s a rough backstory to fill out my word quota:

Dean Weymes, who worked shifts and weekends for the transport team at Amazon, had checked his winning numbers after arriving at work at 7:00 a.m. on 30 July.

And when the 24-year-old unearthed his victorious entry, he realised that hey, he didn’t need to be at work if he didn’t want to. He struck lottery, for Buddha’s sake! And so Weymes declared that he was sick and swiftly went home.

Man, what a guy.

The next day, he went to tender his resignation letter and accredited his departure to his lottery winnings. Unsurprisingly, nobody seemed to believe him.

“The following day I went in to quit, I went to HR and said I have to leave, they said to fill out the form, which said ‘why are you leaving?’” he said in quotes reported by the Mail. “I wrote ‘won Lottery/retirement?’ and they were like ‘you can’t put this down’ – I think they thought I was putting a joke reason.”

And so… how does the dude plan to spend his winnings?

Now I know what you’re thinking;

“He’s definitely gonna fulfil all his desires with that money!” someone screamed.

“Oh no, he’s gonna tempt us with his fragrant stacks of money notes!” a circle of girls yelled.

“Damn boys, prepare for that eggplant if you wanna get the dough!” a gaggle of males crooned.

But well, apparently, his plans aren’t anyway near that shady.

“I studied screenwriting at university as this has always been a passion of mine but I have never been able to do anything with this,” he said. “I can turn my passion into a job – something I never thought I could do.”

Also, he plans to help support his severely autistic brother. A well-intentioned brother, if I may say so. 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Amazon has told Business Insider that it’s “delighted” for Dean and wishes him success in becoming a screenwriter.

“Perhaps one day he’ll be creating blockbusters for Amazon Studios!” she said.

Well, only time will tell. But if there’s one thing for sure;

$4.4 Million Is Actually Enough To Last a Man For 30 Years

I mean, think about it.

Why can this man make his lottery win last 30 years while some other people spend it all within two years?

Because instead of spending it all at one go (or being allowed to spend it all at one go), the amount is “rationed”.

So if you’re lucky enough to strike the $9.2 million Ang Bao Draw every CNY period, don’t splurge on a car, a condo, or any other expensive things you might not need.

Be like Dean, use it to do something meaningful in life.

Anyway, we’re all happy for the man. Kudos, my man.

Share some of your winnings if you’re so kind, would you? 😉