Man Rapes Cousin While on Bail For Raping Ex-Girlfriend


There are no words to describe this case, except read the facts and be bewildered by what’s even going on in some people’s heads.

The now 20-year-old man, who is serving NS, was first in a relationship with the first victim when they were in Sec 3 and 4.

At that time, they had consensual sex while dating—yes, they were under 16 but that is a separate case—and then broke up in Feb 2015 because they quarreled often. They had consensual sex twice again after this.

First raped ex-girlfriend on 15 Nov 2015

On this day, his ex-girlfriend was drinking at a coffee shop with her friends near the man’s house. He bumped into them and offered her a ride on his electric bike.

They went to his bedroom where he locked the door, and after some smoking and talking, he started molesting her. His father, grandfather, and sister were home when this happened.

Even though she pleaded for him to stop and even bit him on the neck, he then raped her, saying he wants her to have his baby.

She did not cry for help as she was afraid. She was then coerced into kneeling in front of him for 5 minutes, after which a scuffle ensued where her head was bruised in the process. This was when the family heard her scream.

The grandmother asked what had happened, and the grandfather opened the door with a spare key. He found the victim lying on the floor, crying.

When he asked what had happened, the pair remained silent.

Later, when the man’s friends came into the room and one of them asked what was wrong, the first victim replied that he raped her.

The man then loudly declared to everyone that he had raped the victim.

A police report was made by the victim soon after.

Met up with and raped 16-year-old cousin while on bail

At this time, the offender was still under investigation and out on bail. He just turned 18 and was waiting for NS.

He started talking to his cousin, who posted on her SnapChat saying she had a boyfriend. A topic in the conversations was their sexual experiences.

The second victim, believing this was just him helping her dye her hair, agree to meet at an unoccupied flat owned by the man’s family on Oct 13, 2016.

They chatted in the living room, before moving to the master bedroom as the man was afraid of disturbing his neighbours.


This was where the rape happened; she tried to push him away but he was too strong for her. After this, he made her promise to not file a police report as he was still being investigated for the previous rape.

He later called his mother to go to the flat and forced his cousin to delete all the messages they exchanged. When his mother arrived, she helped her niece hail a taxi home, and the victim later filed a police report.

The rapist also admitted to being involved in a group fight in Geylang in June 2019, where he was admitted to one count of affray.

Currently, he is being assessed if he is suitable for reformative training, which is harsher than the probation given to offenders aged below 21. Next week, he will return to court for sentencing.

For each count of rape, he could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined or caned. For affray, he could be jailed up to a year, and fined a maximum of S$5,000, or both.


I may be living in a bubble, but I can’t imagine what kind of an upbringing or society could have resulted in a criminal like this who disregards the law and basic respect for other people.

Also, it took a whole year of investigation from 2015 to 2016, and then now it’s 2019 and still there’s no definite sentence.

I’m not saying I’m an expert on criminal justice, but uh, it seems a bit slow?

Like, what?


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