Man Told Woman He Chased to Return $296 Birthday Gift Since His Business Was Having Difficulties


We’re sure many of you would have experienced a situation where one party lavishes the other with gifts during the courting stage of a relationship. But how many of you have encountered a situation where that party asks for you to return the gift because they did not manage to become an item with you successfully?

It seems that, across the Causeway and somewhere in Malaysia, a woman has experienced the latter situation and has publicly called the man involved “cheap”.

Here is the story of what happened.

Man Gave Woman RM 1,000 as a Birthday Gift

According to a woman with the username Tracy Tan on Facebook, she was asked by a man who used to chase her to return a birthday gift. What’s even more unbelievable is that this request came three years after the “chasing” stage occurred.

We could not help but chuckle when we read her post. We hope you do too.

On 16 May, Facebook user Tracy Tan posted some screenshots of some conversations on WeChat, a voice recording and an image of a bank transfer for RM 1,000 (approximately S$296). Perhaps he should be glad that this sharp-tongued woman did not reveal his name to the whole world to laugh at.


The caption of her post, which was written in Chinese, was a rant explaining the screenshots.

According to Tracy Tan, the most “cheap” and disgusting men on earth are those who fail to chase you and later, after three years, ask you to return the birthday money that they gave. The birthday money she is referring to is a common occurrence for Chinese individuals, where others give the birthday boy or girl some money to celebrate their growth.

Tracy Tan also clarifies in her post that when the man first gave her the money, she kept refusing to accept his money and even transferred the money back to the man at one point in time. However, he was insistent and re-transferred the money, asking her to keep it. She eventually did accept the birthday money, which led to the current scenario where he tried to take it back.

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Man Asked Woman for the Money Back After 3 Years

Now it seems that the man has asked Tracy Tan to return him the birthday money he gifted her all those years ago.


In one of the screenshots attached by Tracy Tan, there is a message in Chinese which roughly translates to “Since we are just friends ah, and I am having some difficulties can, can you transfer me back the RM 1,000 I gave you”. He further explains his request for the gift to be returned, saying that “My business has run into a small cash flow problem”.

May be an image of text
Image: Facebook (Tracy Tan)

In the reply message shown in the screenshot, a person asks for the requester’s bank account details. We can only presume that the person asking for the bank account details is Tracy Tan herself.

While Tracy Tan may have held back in the response back then, she certainly did not hold back in the caption of her post. She expresses her true feelings in the caption of the post, saying, “Your business has encountered a problem, but you are asking me for the money you gave me three years ago”?

It seems that the man only recalled the gift to Tracy Tan once his company started to have problems. It also seems that the man has been reaching out to others around Tracy Tan to ask for money he gave out. And his reasons for requesting the return of gifts were not all the same. He did not mention the struggling business in some of these other requests.

Is this a man who is panicking and not telling everyone the same story, or can he just not keep a story?

Tracy Tan continues to blast the man in her post, saying that men should leave some “dignity” for themselves. She thinks that while it is natural for her to return the man the money he gave her, and she does not lack that amount of money, this is the “greatest joke on the face of this earth”.

She appears to take particular umbrage at his behaviour of requesting a return of a gift he has given out. In one of the other screenshots she attaches to the post, there is a message saying, “Have you heard of people trying to retract a gift that they had already given out” to which the reply message says, “That is possible”.

May be an image of text that says "6:35 WeChat You ve got a WeChat message. now 生日快乐 18:21 麻烦你一下叫你姐妹看wechat一下 wechat一下 有事 谢谢 你有听过送出去的礼物可以讨回 送出去的礼物 嘛? 可以"
Image: Facebook (Tracy Tan)

We suppose that the response is from no one other than the man involved in this saga.

Tracy Tan also appears to have a bone to pick with the man’s label of their “friendship”. In her Facebook post, she clarifies that the two did not have contact for many years. In fact, so much time and silence had passed that she no longer had a record of their old conversations.

We wonder where the man got the courage to call them “friends” if there had been no contact between the two for the past three years.


What is even funnier is that Tracy Tan quips in her post that she is very tempted to go to the bank to ask for her bank statements from all those years ago, back when the man transferred her the money (and she tried to return the money to him).

Indeed, we are disappointed that those screenshots of the bank account statement were not provided. If they were, we would be gleefully examining more of the tea.

The Woman’s Advice to Other Men Trying to Chase Women

Tracy Tan also dishes out some sage advice to men who are trying to chase women in her Facebook post. She appeals to them not to try and ask for gifts that they had already given out. Alternatively, she suggests that such men can avoid giving gifts at all.

Better yet, swear off chasing women as a whole.

While Tracy Tan has flamed the man through and through, she did not begrudge him the money he gifted her. She did transfer the RM 1,000 (approximately S$296) back to him with one of the images attached to her Facebook post as evidence.

However, it must have felt bad to give back the money. Not because she wanted to keep the money for herself but because she was dealing with an impatient man.


In another of the screenshots attached to the Facebook post, the man is seen giving a response to Tracy Tan’s question about his bank account details. The details were sent around 6.28 pm, according to the timestamp in the WeChat conversation.

May be an image of 1 person and text
Image: Facebook (Tracy Tan)

Less than an hour later, at 7.22 pm, the man sent a message asking her what time she would be transferring the money.

She replies that she is driving and will be transferring the money. She also asks him not to worry. He then clarifies that he is not worried, just “trying to be clear”.

May be an image of text
Image: Facebook (Tracy Tan)

Later at 8.08 pm, Tracy Tan sends the man a PDF document titled “Receipt”, which we can only assume to be the bank confirmation of the successful transfer of his money.

In a screenshot that Tracy Tan attaches showing the transfer of money, she fills in the “Payment Details” and “Recipient Reference” fields with “cheappppppp”.

May be an image of text
Image: Facebook (Tracy Tan)

Apart from showing the evidence that she did transfer the money, she also chews him out with some sharp words.

Writing in Chinese, she tells him not to ask girls to return the items that he gave them when he chases girls in the future. After all, some things that have been given out cannot be retracted.

She continues by expressing how funny it is that he, who willingly gave her the money all those years ago, now wants to seek the money back from her despite the many years going by.

There are no further screenshots to reveal whether the man responded to these jibes or confirmed that he received the money from Tracy Tan.

And man, this guy really sounds like he has some thick skin. Tracy Tan must really be thanking her guardian angel that she dodged a bullet by not getting together with this guy.

Do you think it’s acceptable to ask others to return a gift?

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