Man Sets S’pore Flag On Fire, Challenges Government to Give Him Death Penalty

Image: All Singapore Stuff

Here’s what you shouldn’t do right before National Day: photograph yourself setting the National flag on fire.

An Instagram user sparked fury online by uploading photos of a Singapore flag in flames, along with the caption: “They have to throw the death penalty on me if I keep doing this right?”

Image: All Singapore Stuff

Upon being told that it’s a “chargeable offence”, collinchris rebutted with a audacious “that’s the whole point”.

In another post, he wrote: “I don’t enjoy patriotism/this is an act of treason/will something happen yet?”

Image: Asia One

Despite this show of defiance, the user removed the post shortly after – which basically goes against everything he stood for previously.

That didn’t stop netizens from leaving comments on his other Instagram posts, though.

Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, it is a crime to treat the flag with disrespect, with offenders facing a fine up to $1,000.

Majulah, indeed.

Top Image: All Singapore Stuff

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