Man Spent A Week Assembling 2,432-Piece Figurine But It’s Knocked Over By Ginger Cat In A Second

*In the year 3020*

Scientist: Sir, we’ve come a pawsitively long way in the last 1,000 years. We’ve cured every single disease known to man, we’ve increased life expectancy to 200 years, and we’ve even domesticated wild beasts like lions, black bears, and hippopotamuses.

Man from 2020: Oh, well that sounds amazing and everything, but what’s with all these cats around your laboratory? And why are they in suits?

Scientist: Oh, that’s the thing, Sir. We’ve tried for centuries to figure out the feline species but we’ve come up with nothing. We don’t know what the f*** they’re thinking. 

Man from 2020: Well, that sounds familiar. Maybe you could-

Scientist: Oh, and they’ve taken over the planet.

Man from 2020: WHAT

Scientist: Yes, and it’s now mandatory to use a cat pun every five minutes or you’ll be sentenced to death by clawing

Man from 2020: You’ve got to be kidding me

Scientist: That’s a pretty good one

Man Spent A Week Assembling 2,432-Piece Figurine But It’s Knocked Over By Ginger Cat In A Second

Cats – you either love them or pretend to love them because you’re scared of them.

One cat owner had the shock of his life when his little cat knocked over a 2,432-piece Doraemon figurine that he took a week to assemble.

Here’s the figurine:

Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)
Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)

The man appears to be a toy seller, as he posted a picture of a store full of toys and action figures.

Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)

In his post, he also mentions that a customer wanted the figurine before the new year. But then, just two days after Christmas, this happened.

Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)

It appears that his cat had knocked the figurine over, breaking it into many pieces. Yes, the kitty looks adorable lying on its back like that, but what it’s really saying is I knocked over your toy, b***h, what are you gonna do?

Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)

Enraged, the man said “I’ll kill you!” in his Facebook post. 

Image: Facebook (ภูมิมัย พรทอง)

The man was only joking, of course, because he knows that threatening a feline creature will lead to a fate worse than death.

We may laugh at this, but we forget that poor Doraemon will never be the same again after this harrowing ordeal.

Goody Feed would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Doraemon family and we hope that they’ll be able to pull through this tough period.

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