Man Who Stabbed NParks Safe-Distancing Officer Has a History in IMH


We’ve had quite a few law-breakers during the circuit breaker period abusing enforcement officers.

Aunties arguing with police officers, men spitting on police officers, and old uncles slapping enforcement officers.

These crimes usually do nothing more than draw a chuckle or a tsk tsk from us, but then two days ago one man took things a little too far:

Yes, he stabbed an NParks safe-distancing officer.

Today (6 May), Ahirrudin Al-Had Haji Arrifin was charged with attempted murder, and more details about the violent offender emerged.

Man Who Stabbed NParks Safe-Distancing Officer Has a History in IMH

If you’re a Murder Hornet who just appeared in Washington, you may be unaware of what actually happened because you’re so far away, but mostly because you’re an insect.

On Monday (4 May), around noon, two NParks officers were installing SafeEntry signs along the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector.

The officers then came across Ahirrudin, who was cutting plants illegally at the park connector and did not have a mask on.

Why was he randomly cutting plants? No one knows. But he had some rather sharp gardening supplies with him.

Image: Singapore Police Force
Image: Singapore Police Force

Now, I’m no gardener, but this looks more like the tools you’d find in the boot of a serial killer’s car.

But even if he didn’t have these tools, he wasn’t wearing a mask, so the safe-distancing officers confronted him.

And then he went ballistic. 

Ahirrudin turned aggressive and allegedly stabbed one of the officers with a sharp instrument before fleeing the scene on his bicycle.

Police officers managed to establish his identity within one-and-a-half hours and arrested him.

In addition to his attempted murder charge, Ahirrudin will also be investigated for possession of offensive weapons in public places and for breaching safe distancing measures.


According to The Straits Times, Ahirrudin, who has a medical history at the Institute of Mental Health, will be remanded for psychiatric assessment for three weeks. He is due back in court on 27 May.

If he’s convicted, the 61-year-old is facing up to 15 years in jail and a fine, or life imprisonment if hurt is caused to any person by such an act.

He cannot be caned as he is more than 50 years old.

The victim who was stabbed sustained serious injuries to his chest, arm, and hand. He is now in stable condition, after undergoing surgery.

Stop Abusing Officers

CNA reported that 1,000 NParks officers have been deployed to parks, gardens, and nature reserves to keep green spaces safe for the public.


These officers, along with enforcement officers and safe-distancing ambassadors, have a duty to ensure we adhere to the circuit breaker measures.

But this violent incident has raised concerns among these officers, according to The New Paper.

NParks has contacted its ambassadors to reassure them that their safety is of utmost importance, but it must be a little scary, to say the least.

If I heard that there were people going around verbally abusing Goody Feed writers, I might be a little annoyed, but if someone actually stabbed a Goody Feed writer you can bet your cousin’s toaster that I’d never leave my house again.

Let’s not abuse the ones who are making the country safe during the coronavirus outbreak. They’re just doing their job.