Man Steals From Caricature Artist After Having His Portrait Drawn; Took The Cash But Not The Drawing

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Humans are humans.

We make stupid mistakes sometimes.

Like this fella who asked to have a caricature of himself drawn and then proceeded to steal the artist’s money afterwards.

If the word “caricature” is too atas for you, let me define it for you.

A caricature is a drawing that makes part of your appearance exaggerated or more noticeable than it really is.

Asked For A Portrait And Stole Money After

If you ask me, I would say it’s pretty stupid to steal from an artist who has just drawn your face.

But like I said, humans are humans.

Image: Giphy

On 5 December at about 11.50pm, during the Festival of Lights event in downtown Riverside, California, a man asked the victim for a portrait of himself.

After the artist was finished with the drawing, the man grabbed the victim’s money bag and ran away, leaving the portrait behind, according to the Riverside police.

A total of $500 was in the money bag.

Left His Caricature Sketch Behind

Unlike most people who would take their portrait after it was done, he left it behind as he ran away with the money.

From how I see it, there are two possible explanations for this.

The first one is that amid the rush to run away with the money, he forgot about his portrait.

Or maybe his eyes were on the money all along so it wouldn’t matter if he had left it behind.

Police Appealing For Information 

The portrait drawn by the caricature artist was released in a Facebook post by the Riverside Police Department as they appealed to members of the public for more information.


“Do you recognize this caricature? And no, we are not kidding,” said the police in the post.

Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)

According to the post, the suspect was described as a “Black male adult in his early 20’s, about 5’1″ tall with an average build, black hair and moustache”.

He was last seen wearing a blue and red jacket, white undershirt, black pants, and a red hat.

Netizens React 

Many had sympathy for the artist.

Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)


Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)

Some commented that he looked like “Fat Albert”, a cartoon character.

Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)

Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)


Here’s a picture of Fat Albert for reference.

Image: Daily Mail

Which leads to this comment saying that the drawing is of no help as it looks like every other generic brown guy.

Image: Facebook (Riverside Police Department)

Let’s hope that the artist would be able to get his hard-earned money back from the guy!


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