Man Suffers From Stroke After Sitting Down In Front Of A Computer For 24 Hours

It’s the Golden Age of the Internet – I’m sure many of us would be fine not having to leave the house at all, for you can do just about everything if you have your computer, phone and a strong WiFi connection.

Hungry? Just order some food online. Thirsty? You can even order bubble tea to your doorstep nowadays. Feel like shopping? Hello, Taobao! Bored? Watch a movie online or play games. Craving human interaction? Text your friends.

Life’s that simple now, with the glorious advancement of technology and services.


Truly amazing.

But I’m sure you know how bad that is for your health regardless. I know I’m probably starting to sound like your mum right now, but it’s the truth – just ask this guy who spent a long time being unable to barely get out of the house even if he wanted to.

Game Is Life

One man in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, found out the hard way that no, game is not life. Sometime mid last year, he had been at an Internet cafe in the city playing his favourite games for 24 hours straight, which sounds like a feat that most of us would kill to try. How good does a full day of nothing but playing games sound?

It sounded like a damn good idea to him, who got so engrossed in his game that he didn’t even get up from his seat during the 24 hours.

No food, no water, no toilet time. Now, does that sound good? It does not – that sounds torturous.

And suffer he did. He was found the next day, slumped over in his seat at the cafe and couldn’t be woken up by other patrons. The ambulance was called and he was whisked off to the hospital.

Suffered From A Stroke

The man had actually suffered from a sudden stroke while in the cafe, and doctors discovered that it was due to an obstruction in his left brain hemisphere. This led to his right limbs becoming paralysed, and his speech functions were also gravely affected.

It was revealed that he was a regular at the Internet cafe and was often found in front of a computer there, as he was unemployed.

Who knows how many times he had previously spent full days and nights like this playing games without food, water, or any action at all? And where did he get his money from!?

The doctors also said that despite him not having a history of any chronic medical illnesses, he was slightly overweight and not in a good physical condition in general. These facts, coupled with his act of not intaking any food or water during his time at the cafe, could have caused the stroke.

Fast forward to six months later, he was finally able to progress from using a wheelchair to walking on his own after half a year of rehabilitation and treatment. Sadly, it was still going to be a big challenge for him to regain his speech abilities according to the doctors.

It’s unfortunate that his accumulated neglecting of his own health led to this – but I guess it’s really a lesson learnt not to immerse yourself into something too intensely that it affects your health.

Younger People Are At Risk Too

In case you only thought that only old people suffer from strokes, keep in mind that the man was only 22 years old, a shockingly young age to suffer from a stroke at. It could happen to anyone at any time if you live an unhealthy lifestyle like the man.

According to the doctors, the average age of stroke patients for males is around 64.5 years and around 68.5 years for females, yet nowadays, the average age of people suffering from a stroke is getting younger and younger.

As many wise people say, health is more important than wealth. Remember not to spend so many hours holed up at home in front of the TV or computer and get out of the house for once!

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