Man Took First-Ever Flight In His Life To Meet Japanese Online Girlfriend & Married Her 5 Years Later

That’s something special about first times. And usually, it’s for someone special.

Now, imagine if somebody does something for the first time just for you.


Especially something as momentous as taking their first-ever flight just to confess to you.

I know it sounds like the plot of a very successful romance movie, but trust me, it really happened.

Met on Facebook In 2014

This is 28-year-old Malaysian Mohd Norfaizad Farhan Nor Hashimi. And beside him is his girlfriend, Anna Farhana Tanaka.

Image: Utusan Online

They look like a dashing couple but their love story could’ve been the premise of a romance book.

They met on Facebook in 2014. And despite the 4,800km between them, Faizad sent a Facebook message to her.

Soon, they were exchanging messages daily and grew fond of each other.

Takes First-ever Flight In His Entire Life

And that’s when Faizad knew he had fallen for this beautiful Japanese lady in another country.

After asking his father for permission, and getting his help to pay for his flight ticket, Faizad took his first ever flight out of Malaysia to Anna in Osaka, Japan.

Image: Giphy

And the reason for his sudden decision? He wanted to confess to her in person.


And she said yes.


When the relationship first began, Faizad was, understandably, worried about the cultural and religious difference between them.

“We used to talk on Facebook daily and at first, I was scared to have a relationship with her due to the cultural and religion differences.”

However, they kept at it and two years later, Anna converted her religion to Islam two years later.

Fast Forward To 2019

Both of their parents gave their blessings and on 29 June 2019, the couple got married in Faizad’s hometown of Perlis, Malaysia.

Anna was so excited about her wedding she left her outfit at home in Japan. Thankfully, her husband’s family managed to find a matching royal blue baju kurung for her.

And now, the couple is prepared to live happily ever after.


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A Relationship Will Work If You Want It To Work

There are many reasons why a relationship doesn’t work.

An office romance doesn’t work. A long-distance relationship will definitely break off. A Christian girl can never get together with a Buddhist guy.


But what I personally really like about this story is that this couple is living proof that a relationship with all odds stacked against them can actually work.

And the only difference between them and many other broken relationships could be because both of them wanted it to work.

So if you know of anyone who is wondering if the relationship they’re in is working, either because one stays in Jurong and one in Tampines, they belong to different religions, parents’ disapproval, etc; let them hear about Anna and Faizad’s story.

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