Man Touched Himself With Lady’s Shoes & Ran Off After Leaving DNA In Her Shoes

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You know how it’s pretty interesting to see your own name pop up in a maths question in school?

Even if the premise of the question is lame.

“John went to the market and bought 6 apples and 7 pears.”

*Heh heh I bought fruits*

In the same way, it’s cool to see your town of residence pop up in the news.

Oh? This happened in Ang Mo Kio?

Where? Eh quite near my block sia.

What’s the news about? What great deed has this AMKian done?


Man in Ang Mo Kio Rubbed Himself With A Pair of Lady Shoes

Okay, not the news I was expecting.

Apparently, a man was caught on camera by the victim’s neighbour’s CCTV doing some pretty unpleasant stuff.

Firstly, he walked into the frame with his… manhood hanging out of his pants.

Image: Channel 8 News

He looked around and set his eyes on a pair of lady’s shoes on the shoe rack.

Image: Channel 8 News

He picked one up, examining it and giving it a deep sniff.


Image: Giphy

He then perhaps judged the smell ‘worthy’, he decided to show how much he loved it.

Image: Channel 8 News

He proceeded to… pleasure himself with the shoe, rubbing it against his manhood.

Image: Giphy

After a while, his pleasure presumably peaked, leaving some… DNA in the shoe before fleeing the scene.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

If you don’t know what DNA I’m talking about, ask your parents.

Neighbour Spotted Discarded Shoes

In a news article by Channel 8, the shoes belonged to the daughter of the madam of the household, known only by Mrs Xu.

Mrs Xu’s neighbour had returned to discover her daughter’s shoes tossed on the stairway and thus proceeded to check her CCTV for footage of the culprit.


Having made the horrifying discovery of the man’s repulsive actions, she informed Mrs Xu, who then made a police report and also wrote in to Channel 8 about the incident.

You can watch the video in the article linked above, but viewer discretion is advised.

Mrs Xu was also stated to fear for the safety of her 2 young children and her neighbour’s 3 daughters.

Weird perverts are everywhere, you never know how you can be made a victim of one.

Best you can do is be wary of suspicious individuals. And install a CCTV at your door if possible.

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