Man Who Blasted Music On MRT Allegedly Threatened To Castrate Young Man Who Confronted Him

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Lest you’re on a soul-searching trip somewhere in the Himalayas with no cell phone and no wi-fi, you would’ve surely heard of that GO-JEK trip, in which a driver and passenger altercated over a miscommunicated ‘kidnapping’ attempt.

Thankfully, however, nothing concrete happened, and both parties are fine (for now). Though if there’s a key takeaway it’s that a new catchphrase was coined:

“Is it because I’m Chinese?”

And indeed, the phrase has been more or less immortalised, with multiple social media sites and the majority of the Singaporean population fitting it to the context of sentences.

“Why you never jio me? Is it cos I’m Chinese?”

But I’m predicting a new catchphrase in town soon

As one might’ve surmised, catchphrases normally originate when there has been a viral incident in town. And honestly, upon reading this topic, I felt that it had not just ample potential…

But massive talent to reach the top.

Meet the ‘blasting man on the MRT’. Be careful though…

Because he might just cut your balls off.

What happened?

According to Stomp, the incident occurred on Saturday (9 Feb) at around 9:00 a.m.

A Stomper was taking the Circle Line on his way to work when he witnessed a man, who was playing music at full blast on an MRT train, threatening and shouting at a commuter who had requested him to turn the volume down.

It all started when the uncle boarded the train at Bishan with him. Even then he had already been blasting music from a speaker.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

“He was already blasting music when he boarded the train,” the Stomper said.

“Everyone was a bit irritated but nobody said anything until this young man approached the uncle and politely asked him to turn down the volume.

“That’s when things got a bit crazy.”

At this point the Stomper whipped out his phone for the classic camera-o-action, and the uncle promptly went aggressive, making a throat-slitting gesture at the intervening man. But the younger man wasn’t going down without a fight. Hitting the wall of the train above the uncle’s head, he showed that he wasn’t retreating.

The uncle then demos fighting moves at the man, before shouting, “Don’t make me go crazy!” Do you know who I am?”

Erm, Rui En’s uncle?

“Who are you to authorise me?” he continues asking.

“[I’ll] cut your bloody throat, then you know,” he says before adding, “I’ll cut your penis, ah”.

He then asked the man to reveal where he stayed, before asking him for his IC so that he could “padlock” the man’s house.

“You ask SMRT… everybody knows me,” the uncle said.

Before he alighted the train at MacPherson MRT station, he called the younger man a pai kia, or hooligan. After he alighted, the man swiftly apologised to everyone in the carriage.

“After the uncle got off the train, the young man apologised to everyone for the scene,” said the Stomper.

“I want to share this because I feel bad for the young man who just wanted to make the journey pleasant for everyone.

“In the end, he got scolded for nothing.”

You can watch the video below:

Man who blasted music on train rages at commuter after being asked to lower volume: "I'll cut your penis!"

Man who blasted music on train rages at commuter after being asked to lower volume: "I'll cut your penis!" Read the full story here:

Posted by Stomp on Sunday, 10 February 2019

Netizens raved

With all things considered, the man was brave in standing up to his older counterpart, and Netizens recognised the valiance involved.

Image: Stomp Facebook Page

Some, however, called out the rest of the passengers in the carriage for their inaction. Though as the second commentor pointed out someone actually tried to voice out.

Image: Stomp

Another few raised the issue of blasting music onboard public transport…

Image: Stomp Facebook Page
Image: Stomp

While others saw the funny side of the entire incident.

Image: Stomp Facebook Page

The Boombox Man

It’s 2019.

But just like previous years, our lives will never cease changing.

And so, move over GO-JEK girl.

It’s time for the Boombox Man to shine.

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