Man Who Cruelly Abused Dog in Yishun Fined $10,000

Guys, I hate to beat a dead horse for what it’s worth but I can’t help it; 15 days into the new year, Yishun’s at it again.

With its acts of terror, peculiarity, and whatnot.

So lest you haven’t read the headline, here’s what it says:

Man Who Cruelly Abused Dog in Yishun Fined $10,000

And really, it genuinely gets you thinking:

Did the man abuse the dog because he’s a terrible owner…

Or is it due to the aura that shrouds the most infamous vicinity in Singapore…


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Man Who Cruelly Abused Dog in Yishun Fined $10,000

According to Channel News Asiaa first-time dog owner was fined a hefty S$10,000 on Wednesday (15 Jan) for inflicting pain to his pet poodle.

He was also banned from the ownership of animals for a year.

The incident’s believed to have come to light after it was captured on camera and sent to the authorities.

According to the court hearing, a resident living near Chen’s home in Yishun had witnessed the two incidents of animal cruelty that occurred at a garden there.

The person proceeded to record the incident on a mobile phone, and both incidents were ultimately passed to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore for investigations.

Two days after the second incident on 9 March 2019, officers turned up at Chen’s home, where they identified him and his dog as the central figures in the reported videos.

Further Investigations

Upon further investigations, it was discovered that Chen had been walking his dog at the garden near his block on 15 Feb last year when he suddenly tugged at the critter’s leash, forcing it to move backwards for about a meter.

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According to reports, he also pulled the leash in a sudden and violent manner, causing it to backtrack by a whole 2m.

A few weeks later on 9 March 2019, Chen reportedly kicked the dog during an evening walk, and purportedly lifted it off a seat by its leash and onto the floor.

He then pulled it by its leash up onto the seat again, before grabbing by its neck and pinning it down for a few seconds.

Pleaded Guilty To Two Charges

Chen, who was unrepresented, eventually pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary pain to his female pet poodle on two occasions in February and March last year.

The prosecutor from the National Parks Board requested for a S$10,000 fine to be implemented, and for Chen to be restricted from owning animals for at least a year.

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The dog has reportedly since been rehomed, and is believed to have suffered no permanent injuries.

In his defence, Chen said that it was because he didn’t know “the boundaries”.


“It was my first time owning a pet,” he said. “I do not know how to train the dog.”

He has also expressed deep remorse for his actions, and clarified that he had used only light force to pin the poodle down, and for a “very short” time. Also, he had only used force because his dog was “rushing”, and he had tried to pull it back to walk with him.

According to Channel News AsiaChen asked the judge if there was a system that conducts training sessions for new pet owners, and was subsequently told by the prosecutor to consult local animal welfare groups.

For inflicting “unnecessary pain” to an animal under the Animals and Birds Act, he could’ve been jailed for up to 18 months, fined a maximum of S$15,000, or both.


Alright, so maybe Yishun wasn’t the perpetrator this time around.


Heck, it was probably innocent this whole time.

But still, one can’t deny the amazingly high rate of headlines that occur in the vicinity, and I can’t help but think:

Yishun might not be as accursed as they say, but it’s jolly well the unluckiest area in the nation.

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