Man Who Flashed to Girl At Clark Quay Arrested; He Has Apparently Harassed Another Woman on the Same Day

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Flashers. Where do I even start?

Not to be confused with that speedy guy from DC or that whiny guy from Spider-Man, flashers are essentially humans with a tendency to take their clothes off…

In front of people they find attractive, private space or not.

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And well, as you can somewhat surmise, most, if not all, of these people getting flashed don’t actually appreciate it. Far from it actually. As a result, flashers often find themselves persecuted by the law.

A real pity, considering how they clearly had the ‘best intentions at heart’.

Just too bad it reflected the wrong way.

Man Who Flashed Girl At Clark Quay Arrested

According to Straits Times, a man who was filmed flashing and harassing a woman in Clarke Quay has been detained by the authorities.

He had also harassed another woman around Fullerton Square earlier that same day, according to Shin Min Daily News.

The Clarke Quay incident took place on 7 July, near Liang Court.

Ms Jewel Koh, 20, had been out with a group of friends at a hotpot restaurant and left by herself at around 7:00 a.m.

While on her way to find a cab, she alleged that she was grabbed tightly by a male stranger. After getting free, Ms Koh realised that the man had continued following her, and even had his right hand inside his shorts.

When she tried to cross a road junction, the man made his move, taking off his shorts and attempting to block her.

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The episode was uploaded onto Ms Jewel Koh’s Instagram account.

Image: Instagram @jewelkqw

“I thought he was going to attack me already when his pants came off. I screamed for help, but no one came,” she told Mustsharenews.

Ms Koh later filed a police report.

Image: Jewelkqw Instagram

You can watch the whole video sequence here.


Believed to be 40 years old, the man has since been arrested by the authorities.

In her social media posts, Ms Koh also requested others to be cautious and more aware of their surroundings, stating that it was her first time encountering a pervert.

The police, speaking out in response to queries issued yesterday (9 July), said they were alerted to a case of public nuisance along 1 Fullerton Square at 5:46 a.m. on Sunday (7 July).

And so… now what?

Well, for one, stay safe girls. Singapore might be a relatively safe country as compared to say Afghanistan, but even so, danger still lurks at the occasional turn.

And for two, if you ever, touch wood, have the ill fortune of encountering what Ms Koh had to go through, remember;

If he shows you his walnuts, make sure you break those shells off with your foot. Hard.

But if it’s this…

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Well, that’s a dilemma.

Editor: Sexism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Though to be fair…

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I doubt girls would be as quick to ‘scream’ had it been a guy like this too.

P.s.: Still, no flashing on the streets, no matter how hot you are.