Man Wins iPhone XS from Claw Machine But It Turns Out to be a Box of Chocolate

Image: Facebook (Amrozi)

You folks know what a Fabergé egg is?

Image: Giphy

They are basically jeweled eggs made for Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as Easter gifts for their mothers and wives.

And as “Easter” suggests, there’s an hidden element of surprise in each of these eggs.

Just like in games.

Image: Reddit/whats_the_best_easter_egg_in_movie_tv_music_or

One Man, One Claw Machine, One iPhone Box

On 7 January, Facebook user Amrozi uploaded a series of video onto his Facebook account.

In the first video, the Indonesian man can be seen playing at a claw machine, in what appears in be located in Taiwan, while his friend films the episode.

One Man

One Claw Machine

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One iPhone Box

He can then be seen expertly operating on the claw machine’s control panel.

After a few attempts, Amrozi successfully claws out the object of his heart’s desire and his elation is well-captured in the gif below.

Image: Gif via Mothership

The Unboxing

So God knows how long later, his next video begins with a semi-close establishing shot of the iPhone box laying on its side.

Amrozi and his friend can be seeing apprising the box, showing the iPhone specs and even commenting on the “plastic” film wrapped around the box.

Because we all know plastic films are the hallmark of authentic and unopened goods.

Then in true-blue movie chronologically-inclined fashion (Tarantino I’m not looking at you), he proceeds to remove the plastic film and box cover and lo and behold-

-Wala, no iPhone, but a a box of chocolate inside.

Image: Gif via Mothership


Now, if you don’t know what that word is, it’s this.


The peripeteia or reversal is but a point in a film/book/play that throws the narrative in an entirely new direction.

In this instance, the chocolates ain’t got nothin’ on whats to come next.

You see, friends, after unwrapping the Ferrero Rocher – lookalike wrapper, they stumbled across what looks like a hybrid of a golden snitch and bludger cast in vulcanized rubber.

Upon popping open this rubber capsule and seeing the content, Amrozi just states “condom” with a chuckle,  because he is already used to surprises by now.

Image: Mothership

So there you go my readers, that’s Amrozi’s tale for you and you can check out his Facebook posts and videos below:

All images and videos originally from Amrozi’s Facebook unless otherwise stated.