Man Won S$6.7k Lottery & Stopped Working For 5 Years, Then Won S$5.5 Mil Jackpot



I can proudly say that I’ve never purchased a lottery ticket in my life. I think it’s a swindle, seducing people with the promise of riches but leaving them with disappointment and an empty bank account.

Moreover, according to statistics, you’re far more likely to be crushed by a meteorite than win the lottery. So it’s highly unlikely that-

Man from South Africa: Hey I won S$6,700 in the lottery!

Oh, well, that’s great for you. But it was just a stroke of good luck. You should never buy another ticket because this time the chances of you winning are even sli-

Man from South Africa: Hey I won again! And this time it’s S$5.5 million!

I give up.

Man Wins Lottery

One father of three from Mitchell Plain, Cape Town in South Africa purchased National Lottery tickets seven years ago and won R75,000 (S$6,700).

He decided to stop working and used the winnings to build a four-bedroom house for his family, according to World of Buzz.


But the money didn’t last.

The man was unemployed for five years and struggled to make ends meet.

He managed to get a contract job in early 2019 but the job was tough and physically demanding. He powered through, however, to support his family.

A few months later, the man decided to try his luck with another lottery, purchasing a quick-pick ticket at a Total Garage in Highlands Drive and Fulham Road that cost R20 (S$1.80).

Lightning Strikes Twice

To his astonishment, he won the jackpot in the 27th July draw, bagging a whopping R61 million (S$5,500,000).

“This amount of money will change my family’s lives forever. I can now afford to buy a bigger house for my family and each of my children can have their own room. My family doesn’t need to suffer anymore”, he said.

The man also shared his strategy for choosing lottery tickets: “I would keep the tickets of the lottery numbers that didn’t win in a drawer and from there, I would choose a new set of numbers. The numbers have to be in a set that I have not bought before and I would do my research every time before I buy a new lottery ticket”.

Lesson Learnt

Unlike the previous time, he seems to be taking a different approach to life.

Although he was drowning in dollar bills now, he would not resign from his job. He’s even gone for financial advice and psychological counselling.

I guess that’s what happens when you think you’re set for life, then realise that you’re not.

Not Everyone Gets Struck By Lightning

At this point, I’m sure you’re boiling with jealous rage and already lining up at Singapore Pools. But you still have an incredibly small chance of winning the lottery.

In Singapore’s Totto Lottery, for instance, your chances of winning the jackpot are one in 13,983,816.

And for the Singapore Sweep, you have a 1 in 3,200,000 chance of winning the first prize.

So, is it ever worth playing the lottery? Clearly not. You’d just be wasting your time and money waiting for a prize that’ll never-

Man from South Africa: Hey I won the-

I hate you.

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