Don’t say bojio: Manhattan Fish Market 1-for-1 Turkey Bacon Snapper ‘n Chips from 6 Jun 2016

Ever heard of the saying, “There’s no free lunch”? Well, that saying may be right but there is always such a thing as cheap yet awesome lunch!

Manhattan Fish Market is having their weekday 1 for 1 promotion and that means, buy one, get one free! It started on 6th June and it is on every weekday from 11am to 5pm.

Although it is available only for their Turkey Bacon Snapper ‘n Chips, it’s still a pretty good deal because this dish of theirs is amazing. If you are not a fan of seafood, trust me, this will change your mind.

Paired with a selection of nutritional fish types, including Black Cod, Barramundi, Cherry Snapper or Dory, you will get a unique dish like no other.

Image: Facebook (The Manhattan FISH MARKET Singapore)


The savoury turkey bacon blends well with the flavourful taste of the fish, giving your taste buds the treat they deserve. It comes with crispy chips and side salad, making this dish whole and healthy. Plus, it means more to devour, making it even more worth it.

This mouth-watering creation was unveiled only in the beginning of this month and has already gained quite the hype. Also, this dish is only available until the end of July so you really need to try it before it ends.

Going at only $15.95, grab a friend and head on down to the nearest Manhattan fish Market restaurant now to get your hands on this great deal!

After all, when you guys split the meal, it is only going to cost you less than 10 bucks for a scrumptious meal at a restaurant. How often do you come across a deal like this?

Do remember to also share this deal with your friends because good things must share, right?


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