Man’s Bald Head is So Shiny for Passport Picture That Panels Have to Used to Cover The Lights

Embarrassing stories. Everyone has them.

That policeman glaring at you fiercely from across the street? He once peed his pants because his shift went overtime.

That kind, smiling teacher at school who can do no wrong? She once had explosive diarrhoea because of level 1 Mala and ended up spoiling the now infamous lavatory on the second floor.

My Aunt Matilda? Well, I think normal stories would be more of a non-convention for her.

And you? Well, I bet you’re thinking something right now.

But here’s the thing; everyone has his/her embarrassing story to tell. Though if there’s any consolation, it’s that the story is probably known to you and you alone.

But this guy? He didn’t have that luxury. And now I’m gonna write on his whole embarrassing story and make it viral across the net.

Well, a writer’s gotta do what he has to do. Nothing personal, man.

Man’s Bald Head is So Shiny for Passport Picture That Panels Have to Used to Cover The Lights

The whole passport application or renewal process over in Malaysia might have become a lot more convenient (and a lot less time-consuming) of late, but it still involves a few necessary procedures:

  • Avoid the queue by turning up early
  • Wearing appropriate clothes that won’t get you kicked out
  • Sporting tidy hair or risk being tasked to clip up your hair

But while those aforementioned points can all be fixed on the spot, this man’s dilemma wasn’t quite as easily rectifiable. His pain point?

His excessively shiny, bald head.

Before you dismiss me for spreading fake news and send me to the gallows, however, just hear me out.

As shared in a video recently by Nazirul Nazrin, a bald man faced a distinct setback, when it turned out that his head was so reflective any pictures taken simply failed to meet the standards for a decent passport photo.

Image: silverstarz14 Facebook

Shiny pokemon? Nah, this is rarer.


Thankfully, the immigration officers across the causeway proved to be professional about it, and they seemed to have been prepared for such a scenario (hmm). As exhibited in the video, the two officers begin holding some sort of black panels over the man’s head, in order to decrease the glare and to stop his head from reflecting the light above.

Here, you can watch the actual video down below:

Silau sangat smpai akak imigresen kene tekup kepala 🤣✨

Posted by Nazirul Nazrin on Saturday, 15 June 2019

To date, the video, that was posted on Saturday (15 June), has garnered well over 220K views and 3.1K shares, and it seems that the general consensus for Netizens is that of humour.

Image: Nazirul Nazrin Facebook

Well, it’s definitely one story he won’t be keen on telling his grandkids in the future, that’s for sure.

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