Man’s Transformation From Smokie To Hottie Would Turn Smokers Into Non-Smokers

Image: Noodou


Always needed the motivation to quit smoking?

Disgusting pictures of smoking-related diseases not working for you?

Well, this here might just do the trick.

So for the longest time, we’ve been hearing people say:

“Quit smoking, bro, it’s gonna work wonders for you?”

“Kick that habit man! You’ll look a lot different if you just kick. That. Habit!”

But just how will it work wonders for you? How will you look different?

Well, this might be it.


Man’s Amazing Transformation From Smokie To Hottie Will Make You Want To Quit Smoking Too

According to Noodou, a Taiwanese netizen recently shared his transformation pictures on the Internet, revealing how the act of abstaining from smoking has immensely enhanced his overall well-being and physical appearance.

Shared over 20,000 times in less than 24 hours, the post has rendered Netizens amazed and speechless at the same time.

Wondering why?

Well, check these pictures out.

Image: Noodou
Image: Know Your Meme

A journey that has lasted two years, and counting

Having abstained from the ‘toxic’ sticks for two years, the man definitely looks way more lively and charming compared to his previous self.

Image: Noodou

“When I was still smoking a packet (of cigarettes) a day, I weighed only 52kg while my height was 178cm. I could only taste tobacco (in my mouth). I got full just by smoking cigarettes and sometimes didn’t even bother to eat my meals. My face was very oily and full of pimples,” he wrote.

It even landed him unwanted attention, with people comparing him to a drug addict. With his thin figure and messy looks, it wasn’t hard to see why, and that’s why he has also specified (in his post) that he has never touched drugs before.

Lest you’re wondering, however, it hasn’t been easy. According to the dude, it took him four years to actually quit it altogether.

Image: Noodou

But hey; it seems that the hard work has definitely paid off dividends, considering how his weight has now risen to 70KG and there’re hardly any pimples on his face. Additionally, he can now enjoy all the different flavours of his food like everybody else.

“It’s not hard to quit smoking, you just need to have perseverance,” he wrote, thereby ending his post.

Image: Noodou

You can read the full Facebook post here. Note that you’ll have to join the group in order to access it.


As gym fanatics will surely attest to, motivation works in several ways:

  • Videos
  • Goals
  • Personal traumas

Motivation to quit smoking, however, primarily works in two ways:

  • More money
  • No more smelly breath

But it seems that with the aforementioned dude’s transformation…

We can now add looks to that list.

And so if you really want to look that good, that flawless?


Well, it’s time to start trying.

As Super Saiyan Shia Lebeouf would probably put it…



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