MapleStory is Having an App Which Will Be Released on 25 July


Last Updated on 2018-07-24 , 4:50 pm

Maplestory players, the time has come.

Gone are the days when you can only raid dungeons on your desktop/laptop. Gone are the days when you got to stay at home to grind that girl- I mean grind those levels up.

Image: MemesHappen

That’s right…

You can now drop pickup lines on your guildmate on the go.

Introducing Maplestory M, the game Mapleboos need, but definitely do not deserve (cos they grind enough as it is).

Image: VentureBeat

Global Launch

Incidentally, the game’s slated for a worldwide release on 25 July…

Image: Maplestory M Facebook Page
Image: Maplestory M Facebook Page

And can I just mention how hyped I am for it?


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Posted by MapleStory M on Thursday, 31 May 2018

Geezus Prist.

I mean sure; the actual gameplay isn’t really gonna look like the trailer graphics, seeing how it will obviously be way better, but seriously the trailer just gets you amped up for a game that with all respects should have died out in like the 1900s.

And that, I think, is a pretty good sign.

Actual Gameplay

After scouring the lands for three minutes, we came across footage of actual gameplay in the game. And suffice it to say that we’re totally stoked after watching it.

Forget the half-assed smartphone versions you played last time. This, my friends, is the real deal.

Although it might also be behind multiple panda eyes in school.

#teachershateit #studentsdigit

So what are you waiting for?

Pre-register now to get some nifty rewards in-game!


You’ve only got until 24 July, so get to it already.

The hype is real

Maplestory has always been a part of our childhood, but if this latest rendition is any indicator…

It might actually carry on into our adult lives.

Just look at the number of people lusting after it. Omg.

Image: MapleStory M Facebook Page

3.3K Shares? That’s a lot. Alright granted, it might not be as high as the share count our videos boast (not humblebragging here, just outright bragging), but that’s a lot.

Also if you think about it.


There’s nothing quite like Mapling on the train to work, right? After all…

You’re literally grinding on the MRT, and I don’t mean the kind that gets you cuffed.


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