800 People in S’pore Getting Married on 10 Oct This Year Cuz It Signifies ‘Perfection’

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No matter how modern and high-tech we get, symbolism is something that’ll never disappear from our society.

For example, 11.11? Singles day because everything is one.

Give $88 instead of $100 for ang bao? That’s because you want the recipient to huat (to strike it rich, in dialect).

And turns out, 10 Oct this year is a hot favourite when it comes to couples getting married because of two reasons.

According to a Straits Times report, 800 notices for marriage has been filed for that particular date, as of 7 Sep 2020.

Reason 1: It Signifies Perfection

You probably already know why it signifies perfection, but if you don’t, here’s a visual example:

10 Oct, also known as, 10/10. In Chinese, we have a saying, 十全十美, which basically means perfection incarnate.

So if you’re marrying on this date, you’re telling your life partner that he or she is the most perfect human being you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and this is the most perfect day ever.

A 10/10, as some might say.

But that’s not the only reason, and the second is more pragmatic in nature.

Reason 2: Covid-19

Many couples had their dream day cancelled on them when Circuit Breaker kicked in.

According to ROM, most of the 2,723 solemnisations scheduled between 7 Apr and 1 June were postponed, mainly because they’re not allowed to take their wedding vows in person.

It also doesn’t help that when Phase 1 kicked in on 2 June, couples were only allowed to have 10 people at their ceremony.

This was subsequently increased to 20 people in Phase 2, then 50 people from 4 Aug.

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For many who wants the single, most important day in their lives to shine, it’s probably disappointing as they won’t be able to invite as many people whom they’ve planned to.

Nonetheless, with the easing in restrictions, more couples are now looking to getting their solemnisation and celebration done, albeit on a reduced scale.

Of course, if you’re someone who’s looking to save money and now have a legitimate excuse not to hold a wedding banquet, you’re probably smiling in your sleep right now.

A couple said that they managed to save between $30,000 and $40,000 because they had to reduce the scale of their wedding celebrations.

23% Drop In Solemnisations

The number of people who are getting married (read: solemnisation) in Singapore has dropped by 23% from the Jan to Jun 2020 period compared to the same period last year.

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It was 13,626 in 2019 compared to 10,542 in 2020.

Minister of State for Social and Family Development Sun Xueling pointed out in parliament that the fall in marriage would have an “adverse effect” on the number of newborns this year.


A sociologist, Tan Ern Ser, said that this is “worrying” as Singapore is already experiencing an ageing population problem, and people here do not have a habit of giving birth out of wedlock.

Well, don’t say Goody Feed never do its part for Singapore.

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