Married Man Allegedly Molested Maid When Family is On Vacation & Avoided His Own CCTV

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Foreign domestic workers have it hard in Singapore. They only get one day off per week, they’re paid peanuts and sometimes, they’re treated like second-class people.

Some got abused and left with horrifying consequences that last forever.

And some had the bad luck to meet with creep employers who sexually assault them.

Married Man Touched Myanmar Maid

Stanley Cheng Kim Han was 41 years old. He was married with two kids and was living with his in-laws.

But none of that stopped him from touching his Myanmar maid back in 2016.

A CCTV footage showed the maid walking into the room followed closely by Cheng.

She said that they were standing quite close to each other.

After giving her some instructions, Cheng reportedly rested his head on her right shoulder and she turned away.

Thought Nothing Of It

The maid had thought nothing of his actions. According to her, Chen habitually touched or brushed her as he passed by.

But the next day, as she was washing the toilet in the master bedroom, she realised something was wrong.

Cheng came into the toilet to put his dirty clothes into the laundry basket.

Instead of leaving after, he washed his hands and hugged her from behind. Not the innocent hugs you see in Korean dramas either, he allegedly touched her chest.

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Called For Help

After Cheng left the house, the maid called the trainer from her maid agency.

She told her what was going on.

When Cheng came back home, the maid cried and told him to call her agency.

‘It’s A Set-Up’

Cheng denied the allegations and said that the maid conspired together with another maid living in the same block.

He claimed that she wanted to change employers.

It was also mentioned that the first molest incident didn’t happen as his maid wasn’t affected.

He Knew Where All The CCTVs Were

It was found out that only Cheng was aware of where all the CCTV cameras were installed at home.

He was the one who decided on the placement and number of cameras.

Both offences took place in the bathroom and bedroom, places where there were no cameras.

Cheng also did not pay his maid for two months and didn’t give her the chance to call home even though he was supposed to.

All in all, things aren’t looking great for Cheng and he will be sentenced in court on 12 Sep 2019.