Policeman Climbed Up to Shophouse Roof in Marsiling to Save Kitten


We at Goody Feed love our cats. Be it furry or stripy, we love them all (that includes you, Garfield).

So when we heard about the policeman who went onto a shophouse’s roof to rescue a kitten?

Image: Facebook (Siau Li Chao)
Image: GIFER

Yes, that makes us love our men in blue even more.

Perhaps the little ginger was having cabin fever due to the prolonged days of staying home.

Whatever the reason is, the curious kitten decided to have a peek through the owner’s window and fell out of it.

Luckily, the kitten’s owner lives on the second floor so it fell onto the roof of a shophouse below the unit.

Struggling to climb back up

After landing, the kitten had tried to climb back into the home via the jeans hanging outside the unit, but it failed.

Image: Facebook (Siau Li Chao)

Police to the rescue

People noticed the kitten’s predicament and called the police for help.

Image: Tenor

One of the officers who were at the scene decides to go to the roof and bring the kitten down.

Image: Facebook (Siau Li Chao)

Using a carton box, the policeman used his patience (and possibly his many years of cat training), to lure little ginger into the box.

The kitten struggled throughout the rescue attempt but attempted to escape but was caught by the officer (with one hand, to boot) and deposited into the box he was holding.

Image: Facebook (Siau Li Chao)

You can watch the full video of the rescue below:

On a side note, if you guys ever spot any stray kittens hovering around your neighbourhood, homeless and injured, do contact the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA).

The folks from SPCA will help rescue the kitties and provide animal shelters for them.

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