Someone Invented a Mask With a Controllable Hole for People to Eat

What’re the most essential things you need to bring with you when you leave the house?

Your wallet, , phone, keys and maybe even a bag comes to mind.

But now, you can’t leave out the most important part of your COVID-19 ‘uniform’: your mask.


Even once dine-in is hopefully allowed by somewhere around July, going out to eat while wearing a mask can still end up being a small annoyance to some.

Along with the already great annoyance of fogging up my glasses.

But a little special invention may soon fix these troubles.

The Hole-y Mask

Because seriously, this is pretty genius.

Israeli inventors have developed a COVID-19 mask with a remote control mouth that lets diners eat food without taking it off.

Image: Fox News

Apparently, the pump-like structure shown can be squeezed to allow the mask to open up, letting you eat pretty much hassle-free.

In fact, Asaf Gitelis, vice president of Avtipus Patents and Inventions, even said that it could open remotely when the fork is brought near the mouth.

Convenience, on my futuristic mask?

Sign me up.

Image: Meme Generator

If you’re eating something with loads of gravy or a maybe an ice cream then well…good luck. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of slop.

Actually, eating a burger sounds it might be a hassle too!

Slowly killing all hope of me bringing this to a ramen restaurant now.

Image: Tenor

Not Going to Be Cheap

At least, it’s definitely going to cost more than normal masks.

The company has mentioned that it would cost around S$1.20 to S$4.04 more than the average face mask.

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Chalk that up to mask prices potentially increasing, this new one could potentially cost a lot.

Image: Giphy

The price of quality is always steeper, for sure.

Regardless, the company said it plans to start manufacturing the mask with months and had already submitted a patent.

Or you could say…being mass-k produced?

Image: Crunchyroll

Absolutely not sorry for that.


My only concern would be the pretty massive attachment that comes with the pump. Unless it can be removed when not in use, it definitely isn’t the poster for a modern fashion statement.

Not to mention it could get pretty inconvenient too.

At the very least, the creation of something like this gives lazy people like me just a little more hope for mask-to-eating convenience.

Now we just have to hope this actually becomes available in Singapore.

Image: Giphy

Question: If Hello Kitty wears this, would she finally have a mouth?



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