Ah Boys to Men Actor Maxi Lim Proposed to Girlfriend During a JianHao Tan’s Shoot

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Remember the Wayang King from Ah Boys to Men?

Image: Facebook (Maxi Lim (林俊良))

Ladies, if you find him cute and charming in a klutzy way, and want to know him more, it’s too late.

Because he has just proposed to his girlfriend, Lizy Teo (@kylolizy).

Who is that?

Well, her:

And She Said ‘Yes’

Yesterday (22 Feb 2020), Channel 8 News announced that Maxi Lim has announced his successful proposal on Instagram stories.

Image: Instagram via EDMW

The first photo shows Darth Vader kneeling down in front of a girl wearing a school uniform.

Wait, you’re wondering, does Darth Vader have a secret daughter too?

Darth Vader: -mysterious girl-, I am your father.


He’s actually asking her to become the mother of his future sons and daughters.

Image: Instagram via EDMW

Maxi Lim was kneeling down with a ring box in hand.


Behind the couple are fellow stars from Ah Boys to Men including Joshua Ang and Noah Yap.

In The Middle Of A Shoot For JianHao Tan

According to the series of Instagram stories on Lizy Teo’s Instagram (@kylolizy), it seems that the proposal was a (pleasant) surprise for her.

A story indicated that she had no idea what was coming, and was focusing on a shoot.

Image: Instagram (@kylolizy)

After some extensive investigation (read: using bufflord95’s incredible IG stalking skills), it seems that it’s actually a JianHao Tan shoot.

Image: Instagram (JianHao Tan)


Image: Instagram (JianHao Tan)

The Second Ah Boy to Man To Propose Within 3 Months

Before Maxi Lim, another ABTM star, Joshua Ang, proposed to his girlfriend, Zoen Tay.

Similar to Maxi Lim, he had announced the happy news via Instagram.

And similarly, he had proposed in the middle of a shoot.


He lured his then-girlfriend-now-fiancée, to a photoshoot and proposed in the middle of it.

The couple is planning to have their wedding around the time of her graduation.

Well, congratulations to both of the lovely couples!

Now, we’re just waiting for the rest of the Ah Boys to catch up with them liao.

Previously, Wang Weiliang (Lobang King) mentioned that he wanted to get married before 35 and is now dating with the intention to marry in an interview.


So maybe, just maybe, he’ll be next?

Image: Giphy

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