Man Who Found McNugget Replacement Failed to Find Filet-O-Fish Replacement But Found Something Else Instead

Heroes are aplenty in this world, some with capes and some without.

They exist in different shapes and sizes and come from all walks of life. And yet despite all their dissimilarities, they’re united in one single sense:

They help people.

Policemen. Firefighters. Peace ambassadors. The McNugget Man. All distinctly different professions…

But with one common cause.

The McNugget Man

When McDonald’s Singapore was forced to close down amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the entire country, quite understandably, went into withdrawal.

“Stuck at home with no McDonald’s? This is the worst,” said resident gamer Akane.

But one man was not going to take it lying down. If he couldn’t have McDonald’s, he was, at the very least, going to find a suitable replacement.

And save the nation while at it.

After (presumably) combing every nook and cranny of local supermarkets, the McNugget Man, who calls himself the Rice Cooker Man, found frozen nuggets that are purportedly 98% similar to McDonald’s golden nuggets.

Talk about an achievement.

And that’s not all; he went on to discover fries that supposedly taste 99% like McDonald’s, as well as frozen chicken patties that bear a 99% similarity to McDonald’s Chicken Sausage Patties.

Image: Giphy

Man Who Found McNugget Replacement Failed to Find Filet-O-Fish Replacement But Found Something Else Instead

It seems that the self-made hero is not done just yet either, as he is now on the hunt for a Filet-O-Fish replacement.

On 14 June, the self-proclaimed Rice Cooker Man posted an update on his Facebook page, detailing his efforts to find a “good replacement for Mac’s Filet O Fish”.

According to the post, he visited a nearby NTUC Fairprice outlet and managed to get his hands on three different types of fish filet patties: EB Fish Patty, Ramly Fish Fillet and AA Fish Patty.

However, they were not able to live up to McDonald’s high standards and were conclusively deemed as unworthy of replacing the fast-food giant’s trademark fish patty.

EB Fish Patty was described as a routine fare that you can get at any economical stall.

“First up, EB Fish Patty,” he wrote.

“Your average fish filet patty that you get when you order your economical beehoon or nasi lemak.

“Cost: 500g, $4.50. Verdict: 3/5 👍🏽”

As for the Ramly Fish Fillet, it was nothing short of a ‘disaster’.


“This is really bad. Just taste like a crispy biscuit with a very very hint of fish taste. Not worth it at all.

“Waste time, waste calories.

“Cost: 650g, $5.50. Verdict: 0/5 👍🏽”

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He, however, praised the quality of AA’s Fish Patty.

“This is gooood.


“There’s real fish meat inside, unlike the other two.

“Downside it’s the most expensive among the three and smaller in size but I think it’s worth it for the real fish meat.”

“Cost: 312g, $6.50. Verdict: 4/5 👍🏽”

And yet, even so, AA ultimately failed to make the cut.

“Unfortunately, despite AA fish fillet tasting good, it’s nowhere close to Mos Fish Burger or Mac’s Filet o Fish standard,” he wrote.


“FYI, I personally think Mos Burger’s Fish Burger is the best.”

Well, I should think that’s high praise indeed.

The McNugget Man then implored Netizens to give suggestions if they know any, and ended off with the following cryptic sentence:

“And the hunt continues…”

Well, you know what they say;

You can take the man out of the hunting grounds…

But you can’t take the hunter out of him.

Cod Fish Fillet

Over in the comments section of the post, Netizens were generally in agreement with what the Rice Cooker Man had to say.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)
Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

One also proposed a hopeful alternative to McDonald’s trademark fish patty:

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)


Looks like it’s time to try a new brand. 🙂

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