McDonald’s Coming Out with New Chargrill + Bacon Burgers & Emoji Potatoes Tomorrow (26 Sept)


Another new day, and here’s yet another new McDonald’s menu.

If the Health Promotion Board needs to blame a company for our obesity, or if my CO in my reservist unit wants to find a scapegoat for my IPPT results, the answer’s clear: McDonald’s.

Less than a month after McDonald’s dropped the Roasted Sesame Ebi Burger that no one tries, they’re coming out with a new item again.

And this time, it looks rather healthy.

New Items from Tomorrow (26 September 2019)

From tomorrow onwards, we can finally eat healthily in style at McDonald’s with these new items:

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Not sure why they called it a sandwich when it’s obviously a burger, this sandwich comprises a grilled chicken patty, chicken bacon, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and chargrill sauce sandwiched between two semolina buns.

Looks like something BuffLord95 will have after his gym session.

Crispy Fish Sandwich

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Don’t be misled into thinking that it’s the Chilli Fish Burger McDonald’s used to have; instead, this comes with creamy chargrill sauce and bacon.

And of course, crispy fish lah.


Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Now, this is the star of the new menu that’ll attract all influencer-wannabes to McDonald’s.

It’s not just a smiley face, but potatoes shaped after various emojis. It’s unknown what emojis are available but I’m hoping that the middle-finger emoji is available.

Scrambled Egg Burger (Breakfast)

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

It’s a returning menu and I’ve only one sentence to sum it up: just buy it.

I’ve eaten millions of burgers and if given a choice, I would like my descendants to get this as an offerings for my funeral. It’s that good.

Remember, all items will only be available tomorrow.

So don’t gong gong to ask for them today.