McDonald’s Coming Out with Snoopy X NASA Happy Meal Toys from 18 July

Love Snoopy to a fault?

Adore the ethereal realms of Space?

Craving for McDonald’s 24/7?

Well, if you can relate to the aforementioned points, I’ve just the deal for you. This 18 July, McDonald’s is dropping some serious happy meal bombs:

Honest to goodness Snoopy x NASA Happy Meal Toys!

Image: McDonald’s Malta Youtube
Image: Create Meme – Chuckles Network

McDonald’s Coming Out with Snoopy X NASA Happy Meal Toys from 18 July

Getting sick of the same-old, same-old Happy Meal toys?

Well, take note of 18 July then, because it might just be a game-changer for you.

8 Snoopy x NASA Happy Meal Toys will be part of the collection from 18 July onwards, and they will come in the form of a…

  • Space Swirler
  • Dance Mover
  • Space Plane
  • Rocket Propeller
  • Telescope
  • Space Buggy
  • Re-entry Capsule
  • Take-off Launcher
Image: McDonald’s Malta Youtube

Beyblades, anyone?

If you look closely at the bottom corner of the picture, you’ll notice this spinning top (second from bottom right) that seems to tick all your Beyblade fetishes.

The Space Swirler, as it’s called, is exactly that. A Beyblade. With Snoopy on top.

Always wanted to summon the indomitable Snoopy spirit everyone else fears?

Image: Pinterest

The Space Swirler’s your man. Your dog.

And if you’re a dance enthusiast…

The Space Dancer Mover will surely appeal to all your moonwalking tendencies.


Essentially a love-child between Neil Armstrong, the late Michael Jackson and their friendly dog Snoopy, the Space Dance Mover is your perfect moonwalking tool.

Space, space and more space


Incidentally, some other potential favourites would probably include…

  • The Space Plane and Space Buggy Rocket (top right)
  • The Re-entry Capsule and Take-off Launcher (top left)

And to cap it all off, the Space Telescope and Space Buggy will surely make quite the statement.

Image: McDonald’s

And so… what’re you waiting for?

With only three days left to the golden date, it’s time to mark down your calendar, prep some extra cash and prepare for an onslaught of those Happy Meals.

For those looking for a specific design, 2 toys will be released per week for the following 4 weeks:

  • 18 – 24 July: Space Swirler and Dance Mover
  • 25 – 31 July: Space Plane and Telescope
  • 1 – 7 August: Re-entry Capsule and Space Buggy
  • 8 – 14 August: Rocket Propeller and Take-off Launcher

And judging by previous mania for Happy Meal toys, here’s a tip:

Go early, or risk disappointment. 😉

And so with that in mind, I shall end of this article here…

And I shall see you there. 🙂