McDonald’s Curry Burger Review: It Might As Well Be McChicken

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Guys, McDonald’s just did a majority of Singaporeans a favour.

In case you’re unaware, McDonald’s signature curry sauce could’ve gotten a place on Forbes’ Top 50 obituary, if there was one.


I mean, think about it.

The last time curry sauce died (or dried out, in this case)? People went bonkers.

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And name me one person who had that exact same effect on Singaporeans? Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our founding father.

So I believe we can all agree that curry sauce has reached a whole new level when it comes to Singaporeans.

And when we heard that McDonald’s is going to launch a burger slathered in iconic McDonald’s curry sauce?

Life was good.

McDonald’s Launches Curry Chicken Burger


If you love curry sauce, you’d love this burger. After all, it’s a burger with McDonald’s signature curry slathered all over that chicken patty.

Yes, the same one that drove Singaporeans crazy when it stopped selling in Singapore’s McDonald’s outlets.


And the best part? You can have it at the start of the day.


Yes, it all sounds good. On paper, at least.

Remember, I said was. Life was good.

Because just like any other day, when we heard about McDonald’s new Breakfast Curry Burger, we knew we just had to try it.


And after a yet-another-epic battle of scissors, paper and rock, I managed to walk away with the grand prize: The Curry Burger.

Because while I may have lost the Ha Cheong Gai burger, nothing’s as iconic as McDonald’s curry sauce.


So, what did the burger looked like?

This is probably the closest McDonald’s burger that doesn’t lie. At least not in terms of size.

The one we received seems pretty close to the one on the advertisements and it smells pretty good too.

At least better than the har cheong gai.


So as far as the first impression goes? This review is looking to be pretty exciting.

But that’s about it.

Because the taste…let’s say it could be better.

Just from the picture alone, you can probably tell what’s wrong with the burger.


This burger is suffering from, what I coin, the Cheesy Loaded Fries Syndrome. If you remember McDonald’s cheesy loaded fries, it’d probably look like this.


And similar to the notorious fries, the Curry Burger has the word curry in its name, but barely anything in the real thing.



In fact, I’d say that if I was ever on a treasure hunt, I’d probably feel like crap because that’s how I felt when digging for curry in the burger.


With my tongue.

Totally how I felt.

So, is the Breakfast Curry Burger worth your time and money? I’d say it depends.

Do you love McChicken? If you do, get your hands on one of the Curry Burger. It tastes almost like McChicken, but at a lower price tag.


Now, while I go to a corner and mourn the win streak that McDonald’s been having with their recent creations, you might want to make your way over to this article, which is a review of the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger.

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