McD’s D24 Durian McFlurry Review: So Good, It’ll Be Sold Out in Days

When it comes to soft serve ice cream, McDonald’s is arguably one of the best in the market.

And recently, they did another bit of fan service by bringing two Singaporean favourites together.

Soft serve ice cream and durian

Image: (Picture is for illustration purpose only)

And true to McDonald’s form, while they announced that it will be available at S’pore McDonald’s from 5 July onwards, you can get it at McDonald’s outlets starting today (4 July 2018). Either someone failed “dates” in McDonald’s, or they’re in the business of under-promising and over-delivering.

If you know us, you know that we have to give the Durian Mcflurry a shot. Especially since a review means that the boss’s paying for it. #ProudToBeACheapo

So after an epic war of scissors-paper-stone between the folks in the office, I won. And left the rest of the losers burning in rage while I walked to the nearest McDonald’s.


First Impressions

I got to admit, I was concerned about feedback from Malaysians (who had this in their McDonald’s since last year) that complained about durian sauce.

What if it’s not real D24? What if there’s no durian flesh?


Seeing that it was 12 pm in the afternoon, the McDonald’s I went to was pretty empty. Which is why I was able to see what they did to my McFlurry.

(Yes, this time, we didn’t order a delivery but bought it direct from the outlet, because we need to ensure it’s at its best condition)

So the soft serve comes out of the machine. Pretty normal. Then they added the durian from a clear container that honestly…


…looks like durian syrup from afar. And it didn’t look any better up close.

Does it look D24? Definitely not. Not by a long shot.

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But like a wise old man once told me, a food review isn’t about how good it looks. It’s about how it tastes.

So I braved the thought of eating durian-flavoured syrup and took a bite.

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How It Tastes

Yes, I was at Clementi. And yes, I placed it on the ground beside a drain so ang mos would think that durians do smell like drain water

And despite my misgivings?

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It. Was. Good.

Like legit good.


And they weren’t lying about D24 durian flesh within the McFlurry. You know how, when you eat durian, the flesh has a sort of thick fibre that syrups are unable to emulate?

They’re there.

And the durian fragrance, which is the most important component in this ice-cold treat, is absolutely amazing.

But if you were to compare this to a real D24 durian?

Nah, it still has a long way to go if it wants to even think of competing with real durian. But you can’t blame McDonald’s. It’s pretty hard to top real durian, after all.

If you’re an avid durian lover, you’d know that when it comes to real durian, we’re not looking for sweet ones.

Image: PongMoji /

Instead, we’re looking for the bittersweet ones. Those that are sweet with a bit of bitterness.

The one in McDonald’s durian McFlurry, though? That was sweet. Super sweet. Plus, for $4 a cup, this contained too little durian for my liking.

Which is why I’d ask you to try it at least once. But would I buy it again? Nope. I’d probably pay $6 for a pack of durian at the fruit stall.

But that’s just me.

You should try it for yourself at least once.


Just make sure to try it fast because the food in Singapore? They have a bad habit of disappearing fast, especially McDonald’s.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

That’s in Malaysia and it was sold out in a week. But because Malaysia and Singapore same-same-but-different, you can expect it to be sold out. I’m telling you, if this doesn’t get sold out in a week, I’ll steal my boss’s car and sell it at sgcarmart without him knowing.

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