McDonald’s Having New Limited Edition Dipping Sauces & Bringing Back Spicy Nuggets


Amazingly, I was craving this just last week. It seems like the gastronomy gods have heard my prayers.

McDonald’s Singapore is bringing back their fan-favourite Spicy McNuggets for a limited time! This will be the first time it graced the outlets in nearly a year.

What’s more, they are also dropping limited edition dipping sauces to compliment the savoury snack!

Feel the Heat on 30 May

The weather may be a touch unbearable now, but because we Singaporeans love our things hot, these Spicy McNuggets are a twist on the classic Chicken McNuggets.

These bites are elevated with cayenne pepper and chilli powder, delivering the familiar crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside experience with an added kick of well-balanced spiciness.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

According to a post on McDonald’s Facebook page dated 27 May, Spicy McNuggets lovers can head down to the nearest McDonald’s outlet to purchase their fix from 30 May onwards.

These limited-time-only Spicy McNuggets are available in boxes of six, nine, or twenty pieces, making them perfect for solo dining or sharing with family and friends.

Prices for these items are still under wraps. You can snag them after breakfast hours—11am on weekdays and 12pm on weekends—whether you’re dining in or taking out, but only for a limited time and while supplies last.

Moreover, McDonald’s is introducing two new dipping sauces to pair with the Spicy McNuggets: Truffle Cheese and Honey Mustard.

The last time McDonald’s Singapore released new sauces was back in 2021, unveiling the Sweet Chilli Sauce and Cajun Sauce alongside their collaboration with K-pop hot stars BTS.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

Though these new sauces have yet to hit our taste buds, it seems like the flavours are pretty self-explanatory; the Truffle Cheese Sauce will probably have a rich, creamy taste with a hint of truffle, while the Honey Mustard Sauce likely offers a sweet and tangy flavour.

With its competition being the well-beloved McDonald’s Curry Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, and the gone-but-not-forgotten Sweet N’ Sour Sauce, it remains to see how these two rookies will hold up.

Other Seasonal Items Return to the Menu

To jazz up your Spicy McNuggets meals, McDonald’s is also bringing back McShaker Fries, now with a fun Roasted Sesame and Seaweed seasoning. 

This seasoning offers a strong nutty flavour from the sesame, which complements the saltiness of the fries and the umami richness of the seaweed powder.

(Also, it keeps your children entertained by giving them something to play with.)

And what better way to compliment your meal than with a classic Peach McFizz. You can beat the heat with this bubbly peachy treat that has a hint of citrus for a refreshing and delightful sip.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

A little while ago, McDonald’s also reintroduced their Hershey’s McFlurry and soft serve, so why not grab a cone – or cup – to finish the perfect meal?

Treat yourself, you’ve worked hard for it! But do it early so you don’t have to face the dreaded news that it’s all sold out!