McDonald’s Selling Boneless Crispy Chicken At Selected Outlets But There’s No Official Announcement


Update: We’ve bought the chicken and reviewed it here.

Running out of ideas for Fast Food Fridays (we coined that: there’s no such thing day in the world, just like there’s no salted egg yolk banana in the world)?

Desperate for something new to kick your mundane life blues in the face?

Well, McDonald’s might just have the thing for you.

Thanks to one of our readers (thanks Jonathan!) for the fast food giant has released a new menu item. And unlike previous renditions, the item this time around is pretty darn…



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Sharing Happy Sharing Box C @mcdsg. Though $9.20, but good to try. Not every Macs have. This set with 2 crispy chicken and 6 nuggets can be found at: 1) Parkway Parade 2) Paya Lebar Square 3) Compass One 4) Causeway Point 5) Ang Mo Kio (bought it and found out from here) 6) Waterway Point While the option with 4 mcwings (instead of nuggets) can be found at: 1) Great World City 2) Marina Square 3) Queensway Shopping Centre 4) Bukit Batok 5) Yew Tee MRT (did know it from here first with flyers but not full info about the stores) 6) Lot One @goody.feed you might wanna check it out 😁. Macs did not post this online but this is only in stores only after breakfast hours. Not on McDelivery or any other portals. There is a 2-piece Crispy Chicken meal as well. Hope to spread this info.

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Introducing McDonald’s New Crispy Chicken… yeah just Crispy Chicken

That’s right, unbelievable as it sounds, McDonald’s latest venture will not be including any buns, greens or sauce with the patties.

We’ve double confirmed that the crispy chicken exists because one of us has seen the banner outside Bukit Batok’s McDonald’s outet.

The question is: Why only a few outlets?

But of course, we’re not complaining, because we must say it looks pretty darn good on its own.

Image: johcx Instagram

Thick slabs of chicken patties? Check.

Crispiness confirmed? Check.

Hype? Check.

According to our informant, it’s a mildly spicy patty that’s not unlike the McSpicy, so take note Spicy lovers!

The new menu item is currently being marketed via three ordering options:

  • Ala Carte
  • Extra-value meal (complete with fries and drink)
  • Happy sharing box C (which costs $9.20 and comes without drinks or fries)
Image: johcx Instagram

And they’re all available in these selected outlets:

Happy Sharing Box Promo 1: With 4 McWings

  • Great World City
  • Marina Square
  • Queensway Shopping Centre
  • Bukit Batok
  • Yew Tee MRT
  • Lot One

Happy Sharing Box Promo 2: With 6 McNuggets

  • Parkway Parade
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • Compass One
  • Causeway Point
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Waterway Point

If you see an outlet near your place, well, you’re in luck.

But wait, that’s not all.



Because apparently, there’s a pretty cool way to get some free sides. I’m talking, of course, about… surveys.

Simply search for “My Feedback” on either Apple’s App Store or Android Play Store, and you can stand to get either a free coke (S), fries (S) or a free vanilla cone. And guess what, the survey can be done once per day and 5 times a month, which means that you can actually win a maximum of five free sides a month.

Note, however, that you can only use the voucher the next day after your survey completion.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re craving some hot chicken patties, you know where to go.

Incidentally, if you’re a carbo kind of person and need carbs to accompany your chicken, well…

Why not pair it with McDonald’s breakfast menu?

The waffle isn’t part of McDonald’s breakfast menu. Image: johcx Instagram

Just think about it; if it looks that good…

It’s probably gonna taste just as good.

Image: Giphy

Now, The Question: Why Only in Some Outlets and Not in the Official McDonald’s Facebook Page?

Short answer: we don’t know.

I mean, we could have just asked McDonald’s but hey: if they didn’t officially announce it, there must be a reason.

However, despite it being in the Bukit Batok McDonald’s outlet, we couldn’t find the item in McDelivery without address this afternoon even when our office usually has our orders from there.


Either it’s not there or maybe our McDelivery meals have always been delivered from the Pasir Ris outlets.

But it’s okay; we’ve stolen our boss’s credit card and would be reviewing it soon. Do download our app lest you miss the review 😉

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