McDonald’s To Give a Free Book With Every Happy Meal Purchased from 7 March

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Toothless. Hiccup. Astrid.

If a certain dragon movie comes to mind, you are a true dragon master.

In hopes of encouraging children to start reading from a young age, McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with National Library Board (NLB) and Cressida Cowell, the author and brain behind the popular How To Train Your Dragon series.

From 7 March 2019, customers would be entitled to choose between a toy and a book written exclusively by Cressida Cowell with each purchase of Happy Meals in line with the Happy Meal Readers Programme.

Thank God I don’t have a kid otherwise I would have to get two sets of Happy Meal – kid gets the book and I, the toy.

The said programme was introduced to promote literacy in children and help establish a strong base for their intellectual development.

(Maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in Goody Feed if they had this in the past.)

Now, who’s this…Cressida Cowell?

Cressida Cowell

Image: The Great Big Beautiful Podcast

Well, she’s an author, illustrator, wife, and mother.

Cressida writes children’s books for a living and is mother to two kids – no surprise where she got her motivation to write.

If her name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe her surname would. Cressida is the wife of Simon Cowell (yes, THAT Simon Cowell renowned to be the strictest judge on programmes like American Idol, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent).


#TMI: Cressida and her husband have a total net worth of $565 Million.

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12 Books Up For Grabs

There will be a total of 12 books adventures to embark on, starring a pair of inquisitive twins who time travel back to the era where dinosaurs (sorry toothless, you had your shot) reigned, under the Treetop Twins Adventures series.

Hop along for the adventure of a lifetime as the twins explore the land before time and encounter an array of dinosaurs – think Jurassic Park but take it down 10 notches and replace the ferocious dinosaurs with friendlier looking ones.

Spoiler alert: we heard that there will be appearances by the T-Rex and Diplodocus!


Tighten your laces because two books from the Treetop Twins Adventures series will be released every 8 weeks.

The series, also available on the McDonald’s Happy Studio App, leverages on functions such as voice-recognition and finger tracking to make reading more enjoyable for young ones. High-tech books, indeed.

Storytelling Sessions

“I hate storytelling” said no one ever.

I don’t know about you but in Primary School, I would spend my recess attending storytelling sessions just because it was so alluring.

This is why McDonald’s Singapore has engaged the help of Family Ambassadors to help with their weekly storytelling sessions across the year.

These sessions will be headlined by the one and only Ronald McDonald, as well as professional storytellers and Junior Reading Ambassadors from NLB.

Details of the sessions are as follows:

Apart from interactive storytelling sessions, families can look forward to completing hands-on activities with their children.

Note: Families interested in the storytelling session are advised to register at the Happy Meal website as seats are limited.

Well, it seems like McDonald’s isn’t just going to feed our stomach now. It’s feeding our kids’ mind with literacy, too.

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