McDonalds’ in the US Has Come Out with Pillow That Looks too Much Like a Real McNugget


Have you ever looked at the pillow you were hugging in the middle of the night and wished it was a giant McNugget?

Or have you ever stared at a chicken McNugget and wished it was big enough to wrap your arms around?

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Oh no? Well, uh… me neither.

Image: Tenor

But if you have always wanted a human-sized McNugget, I have some good news for you.

McDonalds’ in the US Has Come Out with Pillow That Looks too Much Like a Real McNugget

Throw away your pillows, buy some curry sauce, and slather it all over your bed, because McDonald’s has launched a 3-foot-long chicken McNugget body pillow!

It looks so much like an actual McNugget that you might just bite into it while dreaming of McDonald’s in the nighttime.

Image: McDonald’s

The nugget pillow, believe it or not, is part of a collaboration between McDonald’s USA and 28-year-old Houston rapper Travis Scott.

Image: McDonald’s via Business Insider

According toBestProducts, Scott is the first celebrity to be featured on McDonald’s menu since Michael Jordan in 1992.

They’ve not only created a nugget pillow but Scott’s own burger as well.

From now till 4 Oct, fast-food lovers in the US can order The Travis Scott, which is a beef Quarter Pounder with Cheese, bacon, and lettuce.


Their new merchandise includes an I’m Lovin’ It lunch tray, a life-size cutout of Travis Scott, as well as a basketball jersey.

Image: Travis Scott

The star of the show, however, is the huge McNugget body pillow, the only fast food item you can snuggle with.

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The massive nugget is on sale on Scott’s official website for $90, and even comes with a McDonald’s tag attached to show it’s authentic.

Because the last thing you want is a fake giant nugget pillow.

“Travis is a true McDonald’s fan having grown up visiting our restaurants in Houston, not to mention one of the biggest musical acts and cultural icons in the world,” Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s U.S. chief marketing officer, said.

But why are they doing this now?

Poor Sales Due to Covid-19 

When a fast food restaurant starts selling huge nuggets that you can cuddle with, you know something’s seriously wrong.

According to Mashedit’s been a rather challenging year for McDonald’s USA.

They reported that sales from April to June this year fell 30% compared to the year before, blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for the drop in revenue.


The mornings have been especially tough, as customers who used to have breakfast before heading to work were now eating food at home that didn’t come with a side of diabetes.

If the fast food chain’s plan was to use the popular rapper’s image to get more customers, it seems to have worked.

According to Scott’s official site, the nugget body pillow has already sold out, along with several other items.

Image: Travis Scott

It’s unclear if the nugget body pillow shipped to Singapore, so don’t feel too bad.

If you still want to sleep with nuggets, however, you should probably set aside at least 20 minutes for a period of self-reflection to figure out why before doing so.

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