McDonald’s vs KFC vs Burger King: Which is the best in S’pore?


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:35 pm

I love my fast food. Deep fried, salty, overly sweet, hot and oily, what’s there not to like? And even after countless advice from my health obsessed friends, I still cannot get too far away from these delicious food types even if my life depended on it.

In food crazy Singapore, we have so many fast food joints to choose from, it’s rather amazing. From the big M to the King, whatever your craving may be, you will definitely find something to satisfy it once and for all. So after all these years, what will be my verdict on the best fast food joint in town? Well, let me run through the deciding process with you. It’s going to be one heck of a carbo loaded ride so hang on!

With all due respect to the big 3 joints still surviving after so long, I started my fast food journey with the “still very much loved in other parts of the world but not in Singapore because there are no longer any more joints in Singapore” A&W. Many a 90s kid will remember the awesome wings and curly fries and Root Beer Float we clammer for after every school day. Then there was the occasional MacD’s, my favourite item being the cheeseburger. Never fails to please to this day. Sometimes, my mum would take me and my brother to the King to have, what else, the mushroom Swiss delight. It used to be so huge and delicious though. KFC was where we would go to to hang out with our friends for deep fried crispy as hell chicken. Always 2 or 3 piece, nothing else.

So which is it? Which is it?

Honestly. If A&W were still around, I would hands down name that place as my all time favouritest fast food joint. C’mon we make trips to Malaysia and Batam just to have our fill of it! Who are we trying to kid? But if I were to recount my past, say, 5 years of greasy, over the counter food though, it probably has been mostly McDonald’s for me.

I know I know. So expected.


What can I say? Although I still do the occasional KFC and Burger King, we cannot deny that McDonald’s has been successfully making us go back for so long. And the fact that there are so many strategically placed outlets that are opened for 24 hours, really. There’s one just 2 to 3 minutes away from my doorstep and guess where I will think of when my next greasy craving comes around? Duh.

My verdict, McDonald’s for the win!

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