McDonald’s S’pore Now Selling McMuffin On Their All-Day Menu

They say that Singaporeans aren’t dreamers.

Just look at the burgers in America and you’ll see that personal health shouldn’t matter when it comes to matters of the mouth.

But we kept trying to make things healthier: drinks with less sugar, veggie sandwiches, and even fast-food salads.

But now we’re showing the world that we can be decadent too.

We can dream as big as anyone.

Get ready, Singapore, because our stomachs and medical bills are about to get larger.

McMuffin Stack Now Available As All-Day Meal

Empty your stomachs, pull out your wallets, and get a haircut because the McMuffin Stack will be available all day long in Singapore from 6 Mar 2020!

McDonald’s announced the burger in a Facebook post, promising “layers of savoury goodness” all day long.

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McMuffin® Stack 🍔

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So, what’s in it?

As you can see, the glorious burger has two chicken sausage patties, a crispy chicken bacon strip, a sunny-side-up egg, and a slice of cheddar cheese stacked between two toasted muffins.

If you have healthy eating habits, you probably aren’t aware that the McMuffin stack was previously introduced in June 2019, along with the Bandung soft serve and McSpicy deluxe.

According to Mothership, it was sold from S$5.30, and only available during breakfast hours.

But now, you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, baby.

Image: Giphy

Chocolate pie

But no meal is complete without dessert, right?

You may recall that McDonald’s Singapore brought back the McGriddles burger and the Chocolate pie recently.

Sausage McGriddles with Egg
Image: McDonald’s Singapore 

Unfortunately, the McGriddles burger doesn’t seem to be available on their online delivery menu anymore.

But the creamy chocolate pie is still waiting to enter your mouths!


McDonald's Chocolate Pie
Image: McDonald’s Singapore

What’s the point of filling your body with fat after eating the McMuffin Stack if you’re not going to go all the way and ensure that you damage your arteries?

Like Bufflord95 always says: if you want to do something, just go all the way. Just like my biceps.


At only $1.95, this chocolate pie is the perfect companion to the McMuffin Stack.

As all doctors say, no nutritious meal is complete without chocolate.

Reader: Literally no one says that

If you can’t believe an anonymous stranger on the internet, dear reader, who can you trust?

Reader: Ok good point

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