27 YO Mediacorp Artiste Showed Thoughts Of Quitting Showbiz Because He Was Not Nominated at the Star Awards

We’ve all been there.

Working your butt off at work or at school, hoping to finally be recognised for your capabilities.

And ending up not getting that promotion you wanted, or receiving that award you’ve been fighting for, leaving you defeated.

It can only go two ways from there, though – you either quit and forever remain where you were, or continue pushing forward because the only way is up.

Mediacorp Actor Ayden Sng Dropped From Star Awards Nomination

27-year-old rookie actor Ayden Sng dealt with such a blow when the nominations for Mediacorp’s prestigious Star Awards were announced – without him included in the list.

As a quickly rising star who debuted in 2019, the news left many others shocked too.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with local showbiz news, you may be wondering who he is.

Opportunities came knocking on the Duke University graduate’s door for him to star in the 2019 Channel 8 drama Walk With Me, leading to him joining Mediacorp as an artiste that same year.

Prior to that, Ayden had been a product consultant in the tech industry designing phone applications where he earned a stable income of $7,000 a month – now given up to pursue his acting career.

His big break came when he managed to clinch the lead role in Bryan Wong’s self-directed short film The Playbook, and even landed a prominent role alongside his idol Jesseca Liu in his 2020 drama Loving You.

Disappointed, But Will Look Forward Instead

It’s normal for celebrities, just as any human would be, to be disappointed about not receiving a single nomination, but most would do what they do best and act otherwise.

Ayden, however, shared his honest feelings about how the lack of nominations affected him greatly in an interview with Shin Min Daily News.

Although he needed some time to get his emotions in check following the “disappointing news”, Ayden said that he didn’t wish for this negativity to get in the way of his filming for the long-form drama Recipe Of Life, which is still ongoing.

He added that he prefers to look forward and dislikes dwelling on things that had already happened.

“My focus has always been on filming. If there are no projects for me to act in, I have to consider the next step. I am not a particularly optimistic person. I am the kind of person who looks at the matter as it is,” he said about his realistic view.

The actor has decided to continue waiting on luck and opportunities to determine if he’ll be able to keep going in this industry, while working hard to pursue his passion for acting.

However, Showbiz Is Tough

Ayden, despite sounding like he had many thoughts about leaving showbiz, said it was still too early for him to even think about switching careers – especially after giving up his previous job not too long ago.

As with any new experience, there are sure to be both gains and losses. Speaking about what those were for him, Ayden said that acting has grown on him, yet it also makes him lose his sense of self.

Acting in different perspectives allows him to experience many emotions he’s never felt before in real life, and it’s something he just keeps liking more and more, he said.

On the other hand, the complicated “interpersonal relationships” in the entertainment industry and the “tangible and intangible pressure which may affect the outlook on life and personality” would be a drawback. Ooh, spill the tea.

Ayden thinks he was only able to come this far with his passion for acting, being self-aware that his personality doesn’t suit showbiz.

He also showed his thankfulness towards his many fans who are supporting him, saying that he was glad they were around, yet felt bad that they would be unable to vote for him in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award.

As to whether he thinks that his role in Recipe Of Life might be able to snag him a nomination at next year’s awards instead, he only stressed upon his hard work for the role, saying that he will not allow awards to determine his position as an actor in the industry.

His main concern was more about his fans and securing a good position in the eyes of the general public who may watch his shows – both goals that the newbie feels fortunate to have achieved in such a short span of time.

Even if blind faith is what keeps you going, you’re bound to reach where you want to be eventually for hard work never betrays – so go for it!

Featured Image: Facebook (Ayden Sng 孙政)