Everything About the Special Subsidies & 5-Day MCs To Be Given Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

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On 14 Feb 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that they’re now going a step further to fight the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

They are going to reactivate their 900-plus Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs).


What is a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC)?

In order to become a PHPC, GPs have to enrol into the scheme.

Should they be selected to become one, they will be taught the importance of infection control and trained to use personal equipment.

The PHPCs will be progressively activated over time. You’ll know if a clinic is under the scheme by looking for this decal:

Image: healthhub.sg

Previously, these PHPCs were activated to deal with the haze and H1N1.

Subsidised Rates For Singaporeans and PRs

Besides being trained to handle infectious diseases, these clinics are also giving “special subsidies” to Singaporeans and PRs.

But, only if they are diagnosed with respiratory symptoms such as having the flu or fever.

For Singaporeans and PRs, you only need to pay a flat rate of $10 for consultation and treatment.


For the Pioneer and Merdeka generation, they only need to pay $5.

These subsidised rates are also available at polyclinics.

Confirmed Cases Continued “Circulating Within The Community”

MOH has noted that many who are not feeling well continued going out of their homes or back to work.

And some of them might be a carrier of the Covid-19.

Which is really bad because the new coronavirus can still be transmitted even if you’re not showing any symptoms (yet).

5 Days MC For Flu and Fever

Besides subsidised treatment, MOH is also asking all doctors to prescribe 5 days’ medical leave (MC) to people who show symptoms of a respiratory problem.

This, they say, will be enough to differentiate between false alarms and real cases.

So far, they’ve observed that most people are able to recover from a normal respiratory problem within three to four days.

If a person has not sufficiently recovered even after 5 days of rest, they will have to follow up with the same doctor.

PHPC clinics will refer suspect cases to hospitals for further treatment.

Individuals are encouraged to stay home during their medical leave.

Be Socially Responsible

If you’re sick, see a doctor. Now that it’s relatively cheap to see a doctor, you have no more excuse not to liao, right?

And if you’re on MC, just stay at home and rest.


Remember, wearing a mask doesn’t mean you might not get infected. What’s more important in prevention right now is to wash your hand frequently with soap and watch where you touch.

For updates to the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, you can bookmark MOH’s website for daily updates.