Why People Are Talking About a Mercedes That Didn’t Crash in the Tampines Accident

Following the Tampines accident involving six vehicles that occurred on 22 April, lots of videos have surfaced online.

Since no official news has been released on what exactly caused the accident to occur (Was the black Saab speeding? Did his brakes fail?), netizens have relied on dashcam videos to try and make sense of the situation.

White Mercedes Seemed to Be Tailgating Motorcycle And Challenging Black Saab Prior to Accident

In a video uploaded by a motorcycle rider, a white Mercedes seemed to be tailgating the motorcycle prior to the accident.

In the video, the white Mercedes is seen driving dangerously close to the motorcycle and “pushing” the motorcycle to the side of the road.

Netizens have come forward to condemn the white Mercedes’ driver’s dangerous driving.

Image: Screenshot from YouTube (@SGRV)

In another video, it appears that the driver of the white Mercedes seemed to be challenging the black Saab that caused the Tampines accident.

After the black Saab tried to speed past the white Mercedes, the latter seems to speed up, as if “challenging” or “racing” the black Saab, or refusing to let the Saab overtake.

Video: YouTube (@SGRV)

In response, the black Saab returns the “challenge” and sort of forces the white Mercedes onto the curb.

A dashboard footage from the Mercedes’ POV was also uploaded online.

This happened right before the multi-vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two, including a 17-year-old Temasek Junior College student.

Because of these videos, some netizens have been bashing the driver of the white Mercedes, saying that he or she is to blame for the massive accident, since the Saab was at high speed after overtaking the Mercedes.

Image: Screenshot from Reddit

Alleged White Mercedes Driver Claims He/She Just Wanted The Black Saab to Slow Down

In response to backlash online, the alleged white Mercedes driver has come forward to clarify that he or she was not trying to challenge the black Saab.

In a post on Reddit, the alleged white Mercedes driver wrote: “I (sped up) because my thought was to tell the Saab driver to slow down, hence I sped up while he was overtaking.”

The alleged driver also wrote: “As for the motorcycle incident, the motorcycle was hogging the road, preventing me from going forward. Before this clip, I did toot my horn to signal to the motorcyclist for me to pass through. For reasons unknown, the motorcyclist did not move aside, (and) he continued to block the road.”

“Please do also note that I had an emergency to attend to,” the Redditor continued.

The alleged driver also denied allegations that he or she had been trying to race or challenge the black Saab, saying: “I had always been a safe driver and these 2 incidents are out of the norm circumstances.”

Image: Reddit

The Redditor also said that he or she “had a guilty conscience that (he or she) indirectly caused the accident.”

In response to this post, netizens were quick to bash the white Mercedes driver.

Image: Screenshot from Reddit
Image: Screenshot from Reddit
Image: Screenshot from Reddit

Many are saying that if the white Mercedes driver had not spoken out online, there would be less backlash. Now, part of the blame is being pinned on this driver for “provoking” and “challenging” the black Saab.

Was The Post Copy Pasted?

One netizen has pointed out that this may be a copypasta (a block of text, often containing controversal ideas or lengthy rants, copied and pasted to the internet and social media) from 10 years ago.

Image: Screenshot from Reddit

Here is the copypasta that the alleged white Mercedes driver’s Reddit post may have originated from:

Image: Screenshot from Reddit
Image: Screenshot from Reddit

Because of this, it’s possible that the post by the alleged white Mercedes driver may not at all be by the actual driver, but rather, by some internet troll.

And if it is actually the white Mercedes driver, copy pasting an apology makes it seem rather insincere, don’t you think?

But since no one else has come forward as the driver of the white Mercedes, there’s no way to tell if the Redditor is actually the driver in question.

Until there is evidence that the post was actually made by the white Mercedes driver, take what you read with a pinch of salt.