Mercs Driver Rushed off to Flag Down a Taxi After a Hit-&-Run: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (15 May)

We’re all familiar with traffic lights, aren’t we?


Red means stop, green means go.

Soon, you’ll see the same thing at Downtown Line train stations.

But before that, let’s look at a driver instead. Or to be specific, a disappearing driver.

Mercedes Rammed Into Another Car on PIE, Driver Tried Escaping By Taxi A Few Hundred Metres Away

If we’re talking about hit-and-run accidents, this is one that’s probably going to baffle your mind.

On 12 May at around 9.56 pm, a black Mercedes driving along the Pan-Island Expressway rammed into another car.

Image: STOMP

According to the driver of the car, the black Mercedes just “went straight” towards his car and rammed into him.

When he got off his vehicle, the four passengers in the mercedes denied that they were the driver.


When the police arrived, the four people in the black Mercedes, once again, denied that they’re the driver.

The police scanned the carplate number and it was found that the owner of the car was not present at the accident site.

Just as the involved parties were about to leave with the tow truck, the police discovered a 51-year-old man a few hundred metres away, trying to flag down a cab.

He was the owner of the car.

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Image: STOMP

Tested above the alcohol limits, the man was immediately arrested by the police for suspected drink driving charges.

App-Exclusive: Ragging Is An Ingrained Part of SCDF’s Culture & Corporal Kok Could Not Swim

Corporal Kok, the SCDF NSF who passed away on Sunday, apparently knew about the ragging. He had even bought snacks to persuade his colleagues not to rag him.

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New ‘Traffic Light System’ Will Tell DTL Commuters Which Cabin Has Seats


Red means stop, because that cabin is full and green means chiong ah, because that’s empty and probably have seats.


On Monday, 14 May, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that they’re putting in place a new Passenger Load Information System.

This system will show which train car is emptier and channel commuters to them. This will help facilitate boarding and maximising the space on the trains.

Image: LTA Facebook Page

For the system, green means empty and you’ll have seats. Red means full and you probably can’t even get in. Orange means there’s standing space, but no seats available.

After the train doors close at the previous station, data will be collected from the sensors on the train and shown on the screen of the next station.

They will be studying the system for six months to fine-tune it. If the system is effective, they’ll roll it out to other lines as well.


What do you think? Is this going to help improve our travel experience?

SCDF NSF Dies After ORD Ritual, 2 Regulars Arrested

Corporal Kok Yuen Chin was supposed to ORD on Wednesday, 16 May. But before he could safely do so, he died.

According to reports, he was taking part in an ORD ritual and jumped into a 12-metre deep pump well at Tuas Fire Station.

He didn’t resurface and a few personnel jumped into the pump well. Unfortunately, they were not able to find him, until the well was drained of water.

A medic immediately administered CPR but Cpl Kok was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Two regulars, a 1st Warrant Officer and a Staff Sergeant, were arrested in relation to the case.

SCDF says that these activities are banned by the organisation and harsh punishments were given in the past to deter people from doing them.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam said that this shouldn’t have happened and they will “get to the bottom of this”.

S’porean Woman Horrified To Find Huge Spider in Aloha Poke Bowl

What would you do if you find a huge spider in your poke bowl? Take to Facebook and complain about it, most probably.

And that’s what this woman did.


On 10 May, Facebook user Lum Siew Ping took to social media about her “Amazing Spiderman Adventure”.

At 9.30 am, she ordered a Standard Nalu salmon bowl via Deliveroo. She and her friend were shocked to see a big spider at the base of the bowl, “limp and soaked in sauce”.

When she alerted the business, Aloha Poke to the incident, the co-founder, John Chen, got into contact with her and apologised for the incident.

However, because they said it will not be appropriate for them to alert NEA to this incident, she submitted a report herself.

She received a full refund for her orders as well as a $20 voucher, which she says that she won’t be using.

The food was prepared at Aloha Poke’s Deliveroo Editions kitchen in Katong by their staff.

It will be closed for two days for inspections and cleaning.

Deliveroo also says it will close all of its kitchens for one day to conduct “internal investigations”.

Aloha Kitchen added that they will remind their staff “to adhere to strict operating guidelines”.

They assure everyone that this won’t happen again.

As for Miss Lum, she’s ready to move on from this incident.


Deliveryman Implicated in Vice Activities After Helping Chinese Man Rent Two Flats For Money

Would you rent a place under your name for another person to stay at?

Apparently, this deliveryman would and he’s now in trouble for doing it.

Image: STOMP

Back in 2016, Mr Lin was approached by a Chinese man at a coffee shop in Geylang.

The man told him that he can give him quick cash.

The Chinese man explained that he was unable to rent a flat in Singapore as he wasn’t a Singaporean.

If Mr Lin would rent a place for him, he’ll get $300. That’s it.

And so, he agreed to do it.

After a week, the man approached Mr Lin again and offer him the same deal. He wants to rent a second flat.

And in return, Mr Lin will get $300.


He claimed that they’ve not seen each other ever since.

Then on 12 May, Mr Lin was stopped from leaving the country

Mr Lin and his girlfriend were supposed to travel to Thailand for a vacation on 12 May. However, he was stopped by authorities and brought to the police station.

He was informed by the police that, by posing as a tenant, he was breaking the Woman’s charter.

The Chinese man had allegedly use the two flats as a brothel. Five women, including two illegal immigrant, were arrested in a raid.

He added that because of his job, he leaves the house early so the police misses him every time they turned up at his home.

So a warrant was issued to bring him in.

The police says that investigations into the case is still ongoing.

Remember, if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

S’pore Family Traumatised After Lift ‘Surged’ Up Twice At Jalan Damai

Lift incidents are nothing new to us Singaporeans.

But if you were ever in one, you’d realise how scary it can be.

Image: STOMP

A family of four were traumatised after their lift surged up to the 14th level, descend back to ground level and surge up to the 14th level again.

And throughout this time, the lift display showed that it’s on the 9th storey.

This incident happened on 6 May 2018 at around 8.30 pm.

50-year-old Mr Hong was in the lift with his wife, also 50 years old, and his children. They were returning home at that time.

Mr Hong remembered pressing the button for every floor, hoping for it to stop but it didn’t.

The second time the lift ascended to the 14th floor, its speed was faster and the family braced for impact.

Luckily for the family, the lift doors opened at the 14th level of the HDB block.

Mr Hong informed the town council, who immediately got technicians to inspect the lift.

The lift was put back into operation on 8 May and relevant authorities are monitoring the situation.

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