Everything About the Mickey Huang Saga That Also Involved Many Other Taiwan Celebrities


Last Updated on 2023-06-22 , 8:34 am

Recently, a brand-new celebrity saga in Taiwan has taken the entire world by storm.

And the celebrity in question?

Taiwanese comedian Mickey Huang.

Yes, the Mickey Huang that Chen Hanwei accidentally addressed as Jacky Wu during Star Awards 2022.

And in case you’re living under a rock, Huang, 51, was recently exposed for sexually harassing a young teenager around a decade ago.

After that allegation surfaced, many others did as well.

Huang then admitted to the harassment claims but was later sent to hospital over an apparent self-mutilation event.

He also dragged several other Taiwanese celebrities down with him in his apology videos, which have since been deleted.

Accused of Sexually Harassing a 17-Year-Old Over a Decade Ago

Just yesterday (19 June), a lady from Taiwan uploaded a post with a black image and a lengthy caption.

In the caption, she explained that she had not intended to talk about her experience of being sexually harassed by a popular celebrity publicly but decided to after the rise of the #MeToo movement in Taiwan.


According to her caption, which was written entirely in Traditional Chinese, the unnamed celebrity first assaulted her over a decade ago when she was just 17 years old.

(Of course, even though she did not identify Huang at all in her post, people found out that the unnamed celebrity was Huang lah, because that’s how powerful the internet is.)

The lady, who goes by Zofia on her Facebook page, recounted how she wanted to block out all her traumatic memories of being harassed but could not do so after seeing many videos of Huang being portrayed in a positive light over the past few days.

Zofia then explained that she got to know Huang after her friend in school recommended her to him.

Huang had constructed an image of being very kind and harmless; Zofia added that he was very musical and artistic as well.

Back then, Zofia was extremely interested in songwriting, prompting her to treat Huang like an elder with the utmost respect.

In return, Huang would encourage her to dabble more in songwriting and even play her songs when he was a DJ at radio stations.

However, he suddenly appeared at the foot of her dormitory block one night and asked her to get in his car.

After she got in, he started kissing her without asking permission first and confessed that he liked her.

Zofia said she was extremely frightened after Huang kissed her without consent and that she did not know how to react at all.


Huang Eventually Apologised But Harassed Her Again by Getting Her to Pose Nude

Eventually, Huang “apologised sincerely” to Zofia; she accepted his apology.

However, he did not stop there.

Around three years after the incident, Huang was scheduled to host an event at Tiger City, a shopping centre in Taichung.

Zofia, who was around 20 years old then, happened to be in the area, so she said she could drop by.

She even brought a box of pineapple cakes there as a gift.

However, when she got to the area, Huang asked her to meet him in his room at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel.


Zofia added that this was either before or after the event, but she could not remember the exact details.

After she reached his room, nothing seemed amiss until Huang mentioned that he wanted to hold an art exhibition.

He then instructed her to remove her top and pose for his camera.

According to Zofia, Huang told her repeatedly that it was for the sake of art and that people would not have sexual thoughts or be able to tell that she was topless after seeing the photos.

Zofia added that she ended up agreeing to be photographed by Huang due to her naivety and his “positive image” in public.


He even pulled out small soldier-like figurines and took photos of her with them while trying to convince her that it was all in the name of art.

Halfway through the photoshoot, Zofia regretted her decision and started to cry uncontrollably out of regret and fear.

Instead of stopping the photoshoot, Huang continued snapping away and even told her that she looked beautiful while crying.

As for why Zofia decided to even visit Huang at his hotel after the kissing incident, she explained that he had already apologised sincerely after the first incident.

Apart from that, she did not believe he would do anything inappropriate with her as his image was “too positive”.

Lastly, she admitted that she was too naive and young back then, which caused her to make the wrong decisions.

In her post, Zofia also talked more about the disgust and trauma she has been carrying over the past decade or so.

However, she was never able to properly seek justice as she did not have any concrete evidence to use against Huang.


She added that some of the most well-respected people are the most heinous and that she found it ironic.

Apart from that, she revealed that she only got the courage to speak up after becoming a mother herself.

With regards to that, she also hinted at the celebrity’s identity by saying that he also had a daughter and implied that she was born recently.

She then questioned what right he would have to teach his daughter how to protect herself in the future.

Huang Admitted to the Harassment Claims, Said that He Did Become “Perverted” During Secondary School Years

After the lengthy accusations by Zofia went viral on social media, Huang responded by posting three now-deleted video clips on his social media accounts.

He started by saying that he was embarrassed and offered an apology for his actions.

He then talked about how he has tried to change himself for the better over the past decade, especially after having a daughter, but acknowledged that he is unable to change or improve the things that he did in the past.

Furthermore, Huang also revealed that he became “perverted” and morbid” at a young age.

According to him, this behaviour was triggered by his mother’s affair with another man when he was ten years old.

This was because he was very close to his mother.

Huang even went on to talk about how he had intimate relations with boys in secondary school and questioned his sexuality at some point.

He also mentioned that his “perverted” behaviour was further influenced by the adult films and obscene media that he consumed; consuming such media made him want to imitate the perverted behaviours in those contents.

Celebrity Columnist Uploaded Proof that Other Girls Were Also Sexually Harassed by Huang

After the saga, Taiwanese celebrity columnist Ko Ssu-Chi also took to Facebook yesterday (19 June) to expose Huang further.

Apparently, other girls had also been sexually harassed by Huang in the past.

He said that he receives a shocking number of messages from Huang’s victims, who turn to him for help every single day.

In his post, he attached screenshots of Instagram Direct Message (DM) conversations with Huang’s victims.

One victim shared how Huang wanted her to strip nude when she was attending a casting call for a magazine at the age of 15.

Huang had apparently said that it was to check if she had any scars on her body.

Ko also expressed his empathy towards these victims and said that he has been in the same amount of agony as them.

“As long as his deeds do not come to light, I am unable to sleep soundly,” he wrote.

Huang in Hospital After Alleged Self-Mutilation Attempt

After Huang’s Facebook videos were uploaded, they were deleted later that day.

Huang went missing as well.

He also failed to appear at a press conference he was supposed to host.

According to Taiwanese newspaper UDN, the Taipei City Fire Department was alerted to an incident involving Huang at around 12.40 pm that day.

They sent him to Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment.

Based on the reports, Huang was reeking of alcohol and had self-inflicted wounds from a knife when attended to by medical personnel.

ETT later confirmed that he was in stable condition and revealed that he had sustained injuries to his left wrist and the left side of his chest.

When speaking to local media, Huang’s wife, 31-year-old Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, said she would face any issues or difficulties together with her husband.

Huang Exposed Other Taiwanese Celebrities, Some Have Since Issued Statements to Refute the Claims

And that’s not all.

In Huang’s now-deleted videos, he also named several Taiwanese celebrities and “exposed” them.

Some of the celebrities he called out include sisters Barbie and Dee Hsu, Aya Liu, Mavis Fan, Jesse Tang and even Jacky Wu.

In particular, he accused the Hsu sisters and Liu of being involved in drugs.

Dee Hsu replied promptly to the accusations by refuting them and pointing out that her older sister was not even at the scene with Huang when the drug abuse was taking place.

She also referenced how past lawsuits have proved her and her sister’s innocence.

Furthermore, she highlighted how her sister has a heart condition that would disallow her from abusing drugs.

Hsu added that she and her sister would not be pursuing the matter further out of consideration for their long friendship with Huang and his current hospitalisation.

Liu also uploaded a statement on her Weibo account to refute Huang’s claims.

Image: Weibo (@阿雅)

She added that she would take action against those who attempt to deface her.

As for Wu, he talked about how he found Wu’s past romantic relationships and his views towards them troubling.

Huang also complained about how Wu would act in a dramatic way every time he was nominated for the Golden Bell Awards.

In response to that, Wu said that he would be suing Huang.