Middle-Aged Super Makcik Fights Cockroaches At Void Deck

Image: Facebook Video

If there is anything I detest more than cockroaches, it is cockroaches with wings.

Have you ever reached a point of desperation where you are faced with a roach, and you wind up staring at the six-legged pest?

All because you don’t know what to do anymore; showering it with Baygon seems to do nothing to it, and catching it is out of the question.

Image: Giphy

For most of us, cockroaches are our worst nemesis.

But don’t worry, because Singapore has our own version of Wonder Woman that’s fighting a lone war against cockroaches.

A can of insecticide and a dash of courage is all it takes to be invincible

On 30 May, Thursday, a video filmed by Mirza was uploaded to All Singapore Stuff on Facebook.

As seen from the clip, the HDB void deck was scattered with a significant number of cockroaches – dead, alive and in-between.

Nope, it wasn’t because a scientist managed to create a miracle virus that affects only cockroaches.

A makcik is seen fighting the lone battle with a can of insecticide in one hand and didn’t falter even when her slipper was infiltrated by a cockroach.

She simply shook it off and continued her pest-busting business.

Then, She Was Stopped

Most of us (including my cowardly fat editor) would’ve cheered her on and paid her to continue doing her good work.

But not everyone thinks the same way.

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Towards the end of the video however, the neighbourhood hero was stopped by an unknown man, probably from the authorities.

A worker could also be seen clearing up the carcasses from the battleground. This only means one thing.

Cockroach – 0, Makcik – 1.

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. What I want to know is where I can get a hero like her.

You Can Watch The Inspiring Video Below:

By The Way, Cockroaches DO Bite

At risk of increasing your paranoia against these dark creatures of the night who occasionally comes out in the day, here’s a fact:

Cockroaches DO bite.

Image: Tenor

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures and eat both plants and meat. In fact, cockroaches have been recorded to have eaten human flesh, be the bodies dead or living.

And their bites might cause swelling or lesions.

In fact, there were some who suffered from minor wound infections after getting bitten by these little critters.

But Don’t Worry

It’s pretty rare for a cockroach to bite people, as they much prefer scavenging from the rubbish themselves.

But if there is an infestation and the food sources in the location are unable to provide for their entire population, they’ll come for you.

In fact, here’s another good news for you: It’s usually the American and Australian cockroaches that are likelier to bite people, and Germany cockroaches have been recorded to bite people.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind if the makcik moves to our office.